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[Nintendo Switch] Regency Solitaire

[Nintendo Switch] Regency Solitaire
  • On December 8, 2021

Romantic, casual card game Regency Solitaire from Grey Alien Games and Jake Birkett is ready for you on Nintendo Switch. Check our Regency Solitaire review!


Romantic, casual card game Regency Solitaire from Grey Alien Games and Jake Birkett is ready to go on Nintendo Switch. You’ll be visiting different historic locations in London, Brighton and Bath, as you live through Bella’s story. All that she wants is to find true love, and you’ll be playing through 180 levels divided into 20 story chapters as you enjoy a specially-composed classical music soundtrack to fit the experience. Oh, and there’s a bit of mystery here and there, a lost fortune, and a villain! As the name suggests, this game will take place during the Regency era in England.

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Due to a series of unfortunate events, and some very bad choices by Bella’s brother who ends up gambling away pretty much all of her family’s money, her father decides the best thing to do is to marry her to one Mr. Bleakly, their neighbor who has enough money to help them overcome their current situation. As expected, this is not something that makes Bella happy, which is why you must do whatever it takes to help her on this journey. It’s a visual novel meets casual card game with some gameplay twists!


You can play Regency Solitaire either by using the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, or by using the console’s touchscreen when playing in Tabletop or Portable Mode, or if playing Regency Solitaire on a Nintendo Switch Lite. If you’re new to the game of solitaire, the rules are simple. There will be some cards faceup and some cards facedown. The cards that are faceup can be clicked (or tapped on) to play them on top of other cards depending on their value, with cards going from the A to the K in value. Remove all cards from the screen, and you’ll complete the stage!

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For Regency Solitaire, the layout in which each set of cards is placed at the center of the screen is certainly different from what you’d get during a regular game of solitaire. On top of this, while you’ll be playing with the regular deck of cards you’d have in real life, there are some video game-style variations to the general formula. Levels might have specific objectives for you to complete, and you might end up with some cards that, say, have a lock on them. This means you must find the corresponding card with a key to unlock them, so that you can continue opening the way to more of the facedown cards that are needed for completing the level.


There will also be regal locks, which will have a counter you have to reduce by finding J, Q, or K cards to play so that you can unlock the card beneath them once the counter reaches zero. You can also pick between Normal or Hard for the difficulty, with Hard having tougher chapter goals. If you fail to match a card and make a mistake, you can also tap the Undo button to retry your last move.

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As you play through each stage, you’ll be rewarded with coins, which you can use to decorate Bella’s ballroom, as well as to purchase items for her. The good news is that you could, for example, buy a pair of white gloves for 800 coins, and this will increase the number of times you can undo a move to twice per hand! If you play 6 cards in a row, you’ll start a combo, which will boost the gold multiplier at the upper left corner of the screen. The higher the combo, the more gold coins you can obtain. You can click on End Combo when you need to draw a new card from the stock pile after running out of moves.


You’ll also uncover wildcards as you play, which will be stored in Bella’s fan. If you’re stuck at any point or want to keep your combo streak going strong, you can select the right wild card to keep the multiplier going. There’s also a chance you might end up with a very powerful Joker, which will also be placed in Bella’s fan. A Joker can be placed on the foundation at any time, so that any other card on the screen can then be played on top of it. Use it at the right time, and you can not only keep your combo going, but also increase it considerably by playing the right string of cards after it comes into play!

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Regency Solitaire is a very chill experience on Nintendo Switch that mixes a story set in the titular Regency period with the classic game of solitaire while adding some gameplay twists here and there that will keep you coming back for more until you’ve completed all 20 chapters. If you’re the type that likes to 100% a game, then Regency Solitaire will have you hooked from the first hand you play, because if you want to get a perfect score, you must complete each hand without running out of cards to get a three-star rating. Regency Solitaire is out on Nintendo Switch with an $11.99 price.

This Regency Solitaire review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provide by Grey Alien Games.

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A charming and fun romantic take on solitaire