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[Nintendo Switch] Momolu and Friends Review

[Nintendo Switch] Momolu and Friends Review
  • On December 9, 2021

Momolu and Friends from QubicGames and Ferly is a colorful game for young kids on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Momolu and Friends review!


Momolu and Friends from QubicGames and Ferly is a colorful game for young kids on Nintendo Switch. The game uses motion controls, so you’ll have to remove the right Joy-Con from the console and attack the strap so that you can then press the ZR button to move a cursor around the screen. There is a dozen of activities you can enjoy with the younger gamers in your family, as well as short cartoons to watch.

Momolu and Friends Review - Games


For example, one will have balloons of different colors, and the voice will ask you to click on a balloon of a specific color. Depending on the difficulty setting you set, there will be more balloons on the screen. There are two games with block icons, one for the alphabet and one for numbers. As the voice mentions a letter or a number, you have to click on the corresponding one. In another fun mini-game, you will be tasked with grabbing objects from the left side of the screen to then match them with the shadow outline on the right side of the screen.


A mini-game will have a mystery balloon symbol. What this one will do is have balloons fly into the screen with colors, numbers or letters, so that you can click on the right one. Make three mistakes, or miss three balloons, and you’ll have to start over! You can also play a memory game as you try to find pairs by flipping over cards to find the matching ones. You can also try and solve jigsaw puzzles and select how many pieces each one will have. There are several jigsaw puzzles to solve, so start with your favorite!

Momolu and Friends Review - Juice Bar


Another mini-game is similar to the one that had you placing items on the left over their shadow outlines on the right but in reverse. Instead, you’ll see an image on the right and shadow outlines on the left and must find the hidden objects and place them over their shadow outline. You’ll also end up making colorful beverages for the clients that visit your juice bar. In another mini-game, two of your friends will be blowing bubbles of different colors, and you will need to drop the right colors on the bucket in the middle of the screen to mix the color.

Momolu and Friends Review - Bubbles

Momolu and Friends is a colorful and fun mini-game collection for the younger gamers in your life. It offers a variety of mini-games to teach kids and reinforce their knowledge, all while being entertained in a game with motion controls that make it easier to experience. Momolu and Friends is out on Nintendo Switch with a $9.99 asking price.

This Momolu and Fiends review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by QubicGames.

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A fun and colorful game for the younger gamers in your life