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[PlayStation 5] Horatio Goes Snowboarding Review

[PlayStation 5] Horatio Goes Snowboarding Review
  • On January 6, 2022

Horatio Goes Snowboarding from eastasiasoft and Infinite State Games is an arcade-style winter experience on PS5. Check our Horatio Goes Snowboarding review!


Horatio Goes Snowboarding from eastasiasoft and Infinite State Games is an arcade-style winter experience on PlayStation 5. You’ll start your journey with some cash in your pockets and a need for speed, so you’ll have to get yourself a snowboard as you avoid the incoming traffic so that you can reach the chopper that will drop you at the top of the mountain so that you can ride all the way down in each of the randomly generated courses that will feature a series of obstacles to keep you on alert at all times.

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You’ll move the titular Horatio with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, as you move left and right to avoid obstacles such as rocks or trees, as you try to boost your overall score by taking Horatio through the slalom gates on each course, boosting your score multiplier by not missing each set. You need to be careful when you ride down the mountain because when you end up hitting an obstacle – or worse if you’re attacked by a Yeti! – you’ll have hospital bills to cover so that you can heal your wounds. Run out of money, and it will be game over! As long as you reach the end of a course in one piece, you’ll gain some extra money to keep the cycle going.

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Trophy-wise, this one has a full trophy list split into 5 Bronze trophies, 11 Silver trophies, and 7 Gold trophies that you’ll have to unlock before you can have one new Platinum trophy for your collection. Most of the trophies are easy to unlock since the difficulty increases at a steady pace with every day you manage to survive. There’s one trophy in particular that requires that you hit three snowmen during a single game – that is, without getting a game over – and this might be the most time-consuming trophy of the bunch. Snowmen start to appear after Day 7, and they’re usually located on the sides of a slope, near many obstacles and away from the main path. The good news is that this is a cross-buy title, so you get the PS4 and PS5 versions at no extra cost, each one with its own trophy list for you to work on.

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If you’re looking for an arcade-style winter sports release on PlayStation, then you can give Horatio Goes Snowboarding a go. It’s easy to play and features randomly generated courses – as well as an Endless Mode option for you to unlock – which will keep you busy for a while, especially considering its Platinum trophy requirements. Horatio Goes Snowboarding is out as a cross-buy PS4 and PS5 title, with a budget price of only $6.99.

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This Horatio Goes Snowboarding review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by eastasiasoft.

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