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[PlayStation 5] Gardener’s Path Review

[PlayStation 5] Gardener’s Path Review
  • On January 7, 2022

Gardener’s Path from Ratalaika Games and Viridino Studios is a top-down turn-based puzzle adventure on PlayStation. Learn more in our Gardener’s Path review!


Gardener’s Path from Ratalaika Games and Viridino Studios is a top-down turn-based puzzle adventure on PlayStation. You’ll be taking on 60 hand-crafted puzzles as you take on foes while receiving the aid of gnomes and the power-ups you collect along the way. You’re Amora, the gardener, and you must fight against the giant insects that are out to feast on the plants you swore to protect. The game features a charming pixel art presentation, as well as a chill new age soundtrack that will help you relax as you find the right solution for each puzzle.

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You’ll move your character with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, as it slides around in one of four directions until it hits something. You’ll meet several gnomes during your adventure, as well as get to learn more about the plants and the insects you’ll discover as you slide around each stage. As a heads-up, you should certainly not slide into a cactus plant because, as expected, they’re very pointy and will instantly destroy you! The goal of each stage is simple: slide around the level to reach the blue crystal. The pests you meet in each stage must first be defeated by running into them to drain their hit points so that you can then gain access to the crystal for that level.


While cacti are sharp and deadly, but other plants can help you in completing a level – even carnivorous plants! Take, for example, the sunflowers. When you run into a sunflower, it will instantly launch you in the direction it’s facing. Pay attention to the layout of each level that features sunflowers so that you can find the right one to launch yourself into to blast Amora towards the pests that need to be destroyed to gain access to the blue crystal to end the level! Bushes will hold Amora to keep her from

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You will also gain access to artifacts that will help you complete a level. For example, a mighty sword can allow you to deal a critical hit on an insect to deal massive damage and pretty much deplete all of its hit points. If you find a time jewel, you can return to your previous position by pressing the X button, which will allow you to escape from dead ends. This does not work as an undo button, so any action you performed before pressing the X button will remain. You can also collect a mask that can release poison gas when you press the Circle button.


By checking the Logbook checking, you’ll be able to review how many levels you’ve completed, how many extra skins you’ve unlocked, the number of pests you’ve defeated, how many times you’ve lost, the number of items you’ve collected, the overall distance traveled, as well as learn more about each of the six plants, six insects, and three artifacts that you’ll run into. At first, only the cactus will be unlocked in the Logbook since it’s the first plant that you’ll run into during the start of your quest.

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As for the trophies, this one from Ratalaika Games has a full list that is split into a single Silver trophy and 11 Gold trophies. The requirements are simple since no trophy is missable, and as long as you complete all 60 levels, you’ll get all of the trophies. Each of the trophies will pop as you complete each set of five levels, marking the milestones by which you’ll become an expert on cacti, ladybugs, sunflowers, beetles, bushes, snails, carnivorous plants, worms, mushrooms, centipedes, vines, and scorpions.

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Gardener’s Path is a fun top-down turn-based puzzle adventure with a charming pixel art style, a chill soundtrack, and new gameplay mechanics that will be introduced as you take on each new set of stages. Gardener’s Path is available at a budget price of $4.99, which gives you access to the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5 versions of the game, each one featuring its own trophy list.

This Gardener’s Path review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

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