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[PlayStation 5] Forgotten Hill Disillusion Review

[PlayStation 5] Forgotten Hill Disillusion Review

Forgotten Hill Disillusion by FM Studio and Ratalaika Games is the first entry in the series to land on PlayStation consoles. Find out what this horror point and click is all about in our Forgotten Hill Disillusion review!


Forgotten Hill Disillusion by FM Studio and Ratalaika Games is the first entry in the series to land on PlayStation consoles. The story starts with a brief intro about what happened to Mr. Larson. It’s been one year since he escaped Forgotten Hill. Everything he went through, nobody believed him, to a point where he started wondering if he was crazy. But things continued happening in Forgotten, Hill and the only option was to go back to try to unravel the mystery. And this is when your adventure will start as you enter the Museum & Library of Forgotten Hill to try to find out more about what’s happening in this town.

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The game is played as a point and click adventure game. When you are in a scene, you can move your cursor around with the left analog stick, trying to interact with objects and things in the environment, but with no indicators about the things that you can interact with. On the sides of the screen, there will be arrows that you can click on to go to another part of the room you are in or to exit a room. After completing the first part of the game, you’ll end up in some kind of corridor area with locked doors to different parts of the exhibit. You’ll be able to enter when you complete a previous exhibit and gain access to the required coupons.

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Each of the exhibits is a long corridor with objects to interact with and doors that you can enter, again with different setups and puzzles to solve. Puzzles vary a lot, from those for which you have to find the correct sequence of objects to puzzles that involve multiple rooms, and some requiring a sequence to be completed to acquire additional objects. Visually, the game does a nice job of giving us a creepy atmosphere in all its scenes. From the colors to the theme of the exhibits and the occasional bloody items, everything is in place to have you carefully watch everything to make sure you don’t miss any clue or object.


When I started the game, I was expecting a pretty easy point and click adventure, but I ended up with something that required a lot of attention in order to find my way to the next exhibit. The fact that there is no indication about what you can interact with makes things a bit more challenging, but that’s how things were in the good olf days of classic point and click experiences.

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In terms of trophies, it’s a relatively simple Platinum to achieve since all the trophies are tied to story progression. Furthermore, you don’t even need to complete the whole game to earn it since the last trophy will pop when you’ve completed around two-thirds of the game. Also, since the game is Cross-Buy between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, you can easily get a second Platinum if you have a PlayStation 5 console – probably in a shorter amount of time since you will already know what needs to be done.

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Forgotten Hill Disillusion is an interesting point and click game with a creepy atmosphere that will keep you busy for a couple of evenings if you’re not following a guide. It’s also a Cross-Buy release, which means that you’re getting the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions of the game for only $4.99.

This Forgotten Hill Disillusion review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

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Creepy and challenging point and click adventure game