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[PlayStation 4] Risk System Review

[PlayStation 4] Risk System Review
  • On January 19, 2022

Risk System from Newt Industries and Hidden Trap is a 2D side-scrolling shoot ‘em up you should check out on PS4. Find out why in our Risk System review!


Risk System from Newt Industries and Hidden Trap is a 2D side-scrolling shoot ‘em up you should check out on PlayStation 4. In the distant future, humanity has managed to uncover a way to replicate matter by using a Dimensional Gate. This completely revolutionized industry overnight, with all factions eventually coming together under one banner. After the war is over, the peace starts to crumble due to a race of energy parasites that have managed to cross through the Dimensional Gate!

Risk System Review - 1

These deadly parasites have also managed to mimic the materials that the humans believed they were replicating. Unprepared for such an attack, humans are quickly put in jeopardy as the technology they had relied on ends up being turned against them. On top of this, the energy emitted by the parasites has started to take control over those that are exposed to it! Without much choice, an experimental ship known as the RSK9 is built using pre-Gate materials and technology that can be used to absorb the parasite energy to power up its weapons. Alys, a highly skilled pilot who was previously believed to be MIA, returns with an unexplainable immunity to parasite control. It’s now up to her and the RSK9 to destroy the invaders.


The game does things a bit differently by having your ship autofire when you manage to line it up with an enemy. Because of this, you’ll focus on moving your ship around with the left analog stick and the D-Pad. If an enemy has locked onto your ship, you should press the Square button to do an upward barrel roll and the X button for a downward barrel roll in order to try and shake it off. Flying near enemy fire will power up not only your regular attacks but also provide energy for the Barrier Breaker, which can be deployed with the Circle button to unleash a ton of damage. It’s a high-risk, high reward scenario, hence the game’s name!

Risk System Review - 2

Levels are short, which is usually the case for many of the shoot ‘em ups out there, but the good news is that when you die during a boss fight – which is probably going to happen a lot – you’ll respawn right before the fight begins. That way, you’ll at least be able to learn from your mistakes as you apply what you’ve learned from a boss’ movement and attack patterns to find the best time to power up your regular attacks as you stock up energy for your Barrier Breaker to be deployed when it can deal the most damage while also protecting your ship.


Unlike a ton of the shoot ‘em ups out there that we know and love, in Risk System, you won’t immediately die when you’re hit. Sure, you’re going to take damage, but it will take three direct hits for your ship to be destroyed. When you come close to an enemy’s attack and your main weapon is boosted, defeating enemies with its power will make them release healing items that will immediately be absorbed by your ship. Absorb enough, and you’ll recover one hit. Using the Barrier Breaker on regular enemies will instantly destroy them while also releasing healing items, so be sure to make good use of this to get to the boss with full health.

Risk System Review - Boss 1

At the end of each stage, you’ll be given a rank based on your performance and your overall final score. Not dying during a level and defeating a boss as fast as possible are going to be crucial for obtaining a better rank. Finish a level, and you will have the option of either retrying the stage to see if you can get a higher rank or saving you progress and carrying on towards the next mission. This is important because your overall ranking will affect how the story develops and how things end.

Beat the game at least once with any final rank, and you’ll unlock the Trophreum tower Trial. This is a special mode in which you’ll be tasked with destroying as many enemies as possible within a 90 seconds limit. You can extend the overall available time by destroying enemies as fast as possible without taking damage. This particular mode even has different enemies and mini-bosses for you to take on! Once your time is up, or your ship is destroyed, you’ll be given a rank based on your overall score, going from D all the way up to an S rank.


Trophy-wise, the game has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy for you to work on. You can get a trophy for obtaining a combo multiplier of 128x, for using the Barrier Breaker several times in a row, using your ace piloting skills to trick an enemy into destroying another enemy, for finishing the game without getting at least an A rank on all stages, and for beating every single level with an A rank or higher, so that you can get a chance to see the good ending for the game.

Risk System Review - Boss

Risk System is an interesting shoot ‘em up that aims to do things a bit differently. Having your ship autofire whenever it lines up with an enemy is certainly unique, and this allows you to focus on piloting your ship as you use the Square and X buttons to dodge enemy fire while getting as close to it as possible to boost your main attack’s power while also charging up the Barrier Breaker. It has six stages to offer and some extra replay value as you go back to try and get a better ranking in each stage to make some changes to how the story develops and ends – you won’t get access to the final stage unless you complete all previous levels with at least an A rank! But, can you get an S rank in all stages? Risk System is out on PlayStation 4 with a $9.99 price.

This Risk System review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Hidden Trap.

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Solid shoot 'em up with some interesting gameplay mechanics