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[Nintendo Switch] RPGolf Legends Review

[Nintendo Switch] RPGolf Legends Review
  • On January 20, 2022

RPGolf Legends from KEMCO and ArticNet is a golf action RPG in which you must save golf in the world! Learn more in our RPGolf Legends review!


RPGolf Legends from KEMCO and ArticNet is a golf action RPG in which you must save golf in the world! An evil force has sealed up all the golf holes in the world, so you must join forces with Clubby, the spirit of a golf club, to embark on an epic adventure! You’ll be traveling around an open world battling monsters as you get your golf on, all while helping those around you. Oh, and did I mention that there’s also a class system in place that will allow you to get access to new skills and abilities so that you can take on more powerful foes and save the day?

RPGolf Legends Review - 1

You’ll be taking on a total of 54 holes split over six unique environments, as you not only take on golf tournaments to show everyone your skills but also fight against mighty monsters with the power of your golf clubs. You’re going to use them to solve puzzles as well, as you explore the dungeons you need to complete to be able to free the golf holes from the evil energy that has locked them up. And if you’re feeling like taking a break from the golfing and the fighting, why not go for a bit of fishing?


Before you start your quest, you can select if you want to play the game in Assisted Mode or in Normal Mode – don’t worry too much about this since you can always change your choice at any time. You’ll get to make these choices twice, since one will be for the adventure part, and the other will be for the golf part! For Assisted Mode, you’re in for a more casual and laidback experience since you’ll get visual cues on quest targets and during boss battles, with fights that will be a bit easier, you’ll also get a starting coin bonus to get you going, there will be visual cues as you take a shot during golf, there will be less wind, and you’ll aim slowly, the AI for other golfers will be easier, and it will be easier to unlock holes. Normal Mode offers the standard experience, just as the developers intended you to pay RPGolf Legends.

RPGolf Legends Review - Golf

You’ll move your character with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, performing actions with the A button, which will vary depending on if you’re golfing or if you’re out working on the RPG side of the equation. You can block incoming attacks with the R button. The items you collect will be added to your inventory, which you can check with the X button. Since this is a golf game, you’ll need to change golf clubs for some situations, which can be done with the ZL and ZR buttons. The Y button will be for your special skill. And if you ever want to take a closer look at the area you’re exploring, you can do so by checking the lower right corner of the screen for your minimap or checking the full map by pressing the L button.


While Clubby has no problem using its power to open up the first hole, he’ll need to absorb the energy of the enemies you defeat to be able to open up more and more holes. You can see how much energy Clubby has absorbed by reviewing the bar on the left side of the screen that sits below your hit points and mana bars. Mana is used for special abilities, so be sure to keep an eye on that bar so that you don’t run out of it at the worst time possible! That doesn’t mean that your hit points aren’t important because if you receive too much damage – be that from enemies or from being clumsy and, say, walking into lava – you’re done. At least you’ll respawn at the last checkpoint you activated!

RPGolf Legends Review - Dungeon

Along with battling monsters to collect enough energy for Clubby to open up the sealed golf holes, exploring dangerous dungeons, and battling bosses – for which you should definitely bring a healing potion or two – you’ll also be able to take on a variety of quests. These could be for things such as playing rock, paper, scissors with a little girl, obtaining some golf balls for an old man’s collection, or fighting bears and bees to hope they drop some honey for the guy sitting on a bench in the town square who is feeling a bit down.


You’ll be collecting a ton of coins during your time with RPGolf Legends, and while buying healing potions is certainly fine, you should also consider saving up your coins so that you can buy the more expensive items that will make a huge difference in your future! How about you purchase a small heart expansion set for the low price of 12,500 coins? Or maybe you’d like to buy an arm guard that can be equipped to offer some basic damage reduction? Or perhaps you should invest in a meditation bell so that you can focus and relax, thus preventing the confusion status.

RPGolf Legends Review - Big Quest

During your adventure, you can find blueprints that will allow you to craft items when near a crafting table. Blueprints can be found inside of chests or purchased. Once you have one, you’re going to also have the materials for completing the crafting process. The first two blueprints you’ll find are at the store in the second town in the game, and they will allow you to craft blue and red colored golf balls. As expected, for these blueprints, you’re going to need some golf balls and blue and red dye, respectively.

RPGolf Legends is a relaxing golf action RPG experience that manages to mashup both game segments into a fun experience. There’s also crafting, fishing, extra classes to unlock for your character, and even an arcade machine at your house where you can try to beat a game of golf where you need to get holes in one on each of the small minimalist courses it has to offer. RPGolf Legends is out today on Nintendo Switch with a $29.99 asking price.

This RPGolf Legends review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by KEMCO.

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An relaxing RPG and golf mashup with a charming art style