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[PlayStation 4] She Sees Red Review

[PlayStation 4] She Sees Red Review
  • On January 24, 2022

Rated M for Mature full-motion video experience She Sees Red from Rhinotales is ready to go on PlayStation 4. Check out our She Sees Red review!


She Sees Red Review - 1

Rated M for Mature full-motion video experience She Sees Red from Rhinotales is ready to go on PlayStation 4. Full-motion video (FMV) games have experienced a renaissance on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, with games such as Bloodshore, Dark Knights with Poe and Munro, and The Complex. After releasing last year on the Nintendo Switch, She Sees Red is out on Sony’s console. You can play this one either with Russian audio and English subtitles, or use the dubbed English audio version.

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You’ll be playing through a murder mystery experience in which you’ll get to experience the story from the point of view of the killer, as well as of the detective that is called to find the killer. Will you make the right choices to help her get to find all of the clues needed to catch the killer? Or will the killer be able to get away with murder? Every choice you make will have a direct effect on how the story plays out, opening up some story paths while closing out others, eventually leading you to one of the game’s different endings.


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Because of the FMV nature of She Sees Red, you’ll be playing through this interactive movie experience by using the D-Pad or the left analog stick to select one of the choices by pressing the X button. As soon as you do this, you’ll be locked out from selecting the other one for that run, and will see the next scene play out on the screen, until it’s once again time to make another choice. Once you’ve cleared the game once, you’ll get the option of skipping the scenes you’ve already witnessed, to be able to speed things up.


Trophy hunters will be pleased to learn that She Sees Red has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy. As expected, you’ll need to see all of the game’s endings to unlock several of the game’s trophies. The list is split into 4 Silver trophies and 10 Gold trophies, and the rest of the trophies will unlock after you’ve made specific choices along the way. Don’t worry if a trophy doesn’t pop right away, since they will unlock after the whole scene has played out, and the next scene begins. After completing the game twice, you can speed things up by skipping the

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We’ve been getting a lot of FMV experiences on PlayStation 4, and after getting a Nintendo Switch release in 2020, it’s now She Sees Red’s turn on PlayStation 4. A single run for the game from start to finish will take around 45 minutes or so, and you’ll need to do at least two full runs to get a better idea of how everything plays out for this FMV release. After this, there will still be a dozen or so scenes you won’t have seen, but that you can easily experience once you know what choices you’re missing. She Sees Red is out with a $9.99 price.

This She Sees Red review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Rhinotales.

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An interesting short FMV murder mystery experience