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[PlayStation 5] Cake Invaders Review

[PlayStation 5] Cake Invaders Review
  • On February 22, 2022

Cake Invaders from eastasiasoft and Zoo Corporation is an arcade-style shooter in which you must defend all of the cake no matter what. Learn more in our Cake Invaders review!


Cake Invaders from eastasiasoft and Zoo Corporation is an arcade-style shooter in which you must defend all of the cake no matter what. It’s a defense shooter in which you must use the cannon at the bottom of the screen to defend your precious Baumkuchen Cake from the hungry invaders. You must defend it from wave after wave of enemies, surviving for as long as possible before eventually being overrun by the invader’s desire for cake. Once this happens, your score will be registered, and you’ll be ready to do it all over again!


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The controls are simple so that you can focus on this arcade-style single-screen experience. You’ll move a cursor around the screen with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, shooting with the X button or the R2 button. If you have collected any special power-ups – more on these below – you can shoot them with the Triangle or Circle buttons to use exploding bullets or powerful lasers that can cut through enemies, damaging the enemies behind them.


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As you defeat your opponents by aiming and shooting your cannon, you will trigger explosive attacks, add more characters to control more cannons to attack enemies, as well as gain access to a variety of random skills! There’s the Crew + 1, which will add one more member to your group; Damage Up, which doubles the damage of your bullets for a short period of time; Speed Up, which will double the firing rate of your cannons until the next wave starts; a Sugar Coating that will protect a cake from being eaten one time, and more!


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Trophy-wise, Cake Invaders has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy, with 5 Silver trophies and 10 Gold trophies. They will require you to defeat an enemy for the first time, gain a skill for the first time, increase your crew size to five, defeat 50 enemies with the extra strength power-up, fire 100 and 200 bullets while having the power-up that boosts your fire rate, defeating two enemies with a single laser shot, clearing the first wave and reaching waves 3, 6, 9, and 12, surviving for 3 waves with a single cake left, and losing a game for the first time.

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Cake Invaders is a colorful and fun single-screen arcade-style game in which you’ll defend your precious Baumkuchen Cake at all cost. When you’re defeated, you’ll get a tally of your overall score, which will be added to the Ranking. You can then do it all over again to try and beat your own high score as you try to climb up an extra spot or two. Cake Invaders is out on PlayStation as a Cross-Buy title with a budget $5.99 price, giving you access to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions with a single purchase.

This Cake Invaders review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by eastasiasoft.

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A fun single-screen arcade-style high score chasing experience