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[Nintendo Switch] Match Three Pirates II Review

[Nintendo Switch] Match Three Pirates II Review
  • On March 3, 2022

Match Three Pirates II from Denda Games and Graphium Studio is a colorful puzzle sequel on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Match Three Pirates II review!


Match Three Pirates II from Denda Games and Graphium Studio is a colorful puzzle sequel on Nintendo Switch. It follows right after Match Three: Pirates! Heir to Davy Jones, where Davy Jones created a world of never-ending pirate adventures… which was, in fact, a way to trick people into entering Davy Jones’ Locker, which was cursed! After completing 100 levels, you manage to free all pirates, and now it’s time for them to enjoy a free life on a very special island.

Match Three Pirates II Review - Island


The premise for Match Three Pirates II is that the young Pirate Captain Bobby decides that, in order for the pirates to have a good life and enjoy their free time, a theme park should be built on the island! To do this, you’ll be playing through more than 100 levels as you match three or more of the same pirate items, as you use your abilities to complete each stage, collect coins and treasure, and use your earnings to purchase new buildings to spruce up your ever-growing theme park.

Match Three Pirates II Review - 2

You can play the game in one of three difficulty settings: Relaxed, Normal, and Hard. Relaxed is a very chill experience since you don’t have to worry about move limits, skulls, or pests. Normal is the standard experience by which you can enjoy your time with Match Three Pirates II, with skulls being inactive but pests being part of the equation. As you can probably imagine, for the hard difficulty setting, you’ll have to make every move count since you’ll have a very limited number, and you’ll also have to worry about skulls and pests.


As for the buildings that you can add to the island, including a guest entrance, so that all visitors can see there’s a theme park on the island, a high speed elevator – that will also unlock a booster cannon -, a ticket seller, the Kraken and ship ride, a playground, a cannon with balloons, a roller coaster, sandcastles, a beach center, the room of fear – which will also unlock the shuffle booster – an observatory where pirates can learn more about constellations and how to navigate with them – while also unlocking the boot booster -, or the dance floor where children and their parents can dance to the real pirate shanty, to name some examples.

Match Three Pirates II Review - Buildings

The game can be played either by using the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, or the console’s touchscreen when playing in Tabletop or Portable Mode, or when taking on Match Three Pirates II while playing on a Nintendo Switch Lite. If using the physical controls, you will move a cursor around the screen with the left analog stick and the D-Pad, and press the A button to make a match and work on completing the goals for each level. If you’re playing with skulls activated, you’ll need to remove them with a bomb or by making a match right next to them. Closed tiles can be removed by making a match next to them in order to destroy them. Some closed tiles will require you to damage them more than once to remove them from the playing field.


The coins you collect can also be spent on adding up to four boosters for you to use at each level. These are single-use special abilities that will help you complete the goals for each level. Say you want to get rid of some items on the playing field. By activating the bombs booster, you can add three explosive bombs to the playing field, which you can then use to destroy matching items. You could also use the coins to add the 0special hurricane skill, which will send a hurricane flying through the field, opening three random tiles.

Match Three Pirates II Review - 1

If you’re looking for a fun all-ages match-three puzzle game on Nintendo Switch, then Match Three Pirates II could be a good option. The “build a theme park” side of things is there to keep you playing so that you can unlock all boosters and be able to buy them as you take on the over 100 levels the game has to offer, while adding some extra cutscenes here and there as you unlock specific rides, but it’s not integral for the enjoyment of the match-three experience. Match Three Pirates II is out on Nintendo Switch with a $9.99 asking price.

This Match Three Pirates II review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Denda Games.

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