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[PlayStation 5] Magi Trials Review

[PlayStation 5] Magi Trials Review
  • On March 4, 2022

Magi Trials from Gamuzumi and Drakher Studio is a visual novel in which you will be joining as a new student at a school… of magic! Learn more in our Magi Trials review!


Magi Trials Review - 1

Magi Trials from Gamuzumi and Drakhar Studio is a visual novel in which you will be joining as a new student at a school… of magic! We previously got Highschool Romance from the same team, and if you’ve played that game – or checked our review – you’ll notice that Magi Trials feature a similar art style – and overall premise – as High School Romance. You’re a new student arriving at a new school. While Highschool Romance had you playing as a male student masquerading as a female student in an all-girls school, Magi Trials has you exploring a magic school in which danger lurks around every corner. Magi Trials is sort of a sequel.


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Your ultimate goal is to join the ranks of the Royal Academy of Magi, but in order to complete this, you must boost your odds of success by performing a ritual that should considerably increase your innate magical power. As you can probably imagine, this ritual does not go completely as planned, and your body is transformed from male to female! You must now deal with the repercussions of what was very much a forbidden spell. Can you still manage to do what is needed to increase your magical abilities?


If you’re new to visual novels, it’s a genre that most certainly does its name justice. You’re going to be spending your time reading a lot of text as you take on a novel that is brought to life by way of colorful graphics, special CG images, and branching story paths that will lead you towards one of the different endings that the game has to offer. Since this is a budget visual novel release, there is no voice acting, so reading is the only way you’ll be able to experience this particular story.

Magi Trials PlayStation 5 Review - Dialogue Choices


Magi Trials includes a short trophy list with nothing but Gold trophies, which means that there are 11 Gold trophies for you to unlock before you can get a new Platinum trophy for your collection. Since the game includes several different endings, you’re either going to have to replay the game several times to get all of them or make good use of some strategic saves so that you can reload them after completing the game, so that you can then make a few different choices along the way, so that you can end up on a different story path.

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If you enjoyed Highschool Romance, then you’ll enjoy Magi Trials since it plays on some of the same themes that the previous game had to offer. It’s still a short one compared to other entries in the genre, but it does improve on its prequel. Magi Trials is out with a $9.99 asking price as a Cross-Buy title, allowing you to have access to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions of the game at no additional cost, and each version has its own separate trophy list.

This Magi Trials review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Gamuzumi.

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Visual novel that improves on its prequel