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[Nintendo Switch] Dawn Of The Monsters Review

[Nintendo Switch] Dawn Of The Monsters Review
  • On March 14, 2022

Dawn of the Monsters from WayForward and 13AM Games is an awesome Kaiju beat ‘em up on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Dawn of the Monsters review!


Dawn of the Monsters from WayForward and 13AM Games is an awesome Kaiju beat ‘em up on Nintendo Switch. You must do whatever it takes to defend Earth from the Nephilim who have invaded. These huge monsters will destroy everything in their path if they’re not stopped. Up to two players can select from the four available heroes – two human heroes and two Nephilim who are now part of DAWN – the Defense Alliance Worldwide Network.

The two human characters are Aegis Prime, who can be described as a fast-paced Ultraman-inspired character who favors close-range melee fighting, and Tempest Galahad, a huge ATOM (Atomic Telekinetically Operated Mech) that favors long-range attacks that is piloted by Jamila Senai, who was handpicked from DAWN’s training program due to her unparalleled piloting abilities and high synchronicity with the unit. The two Nephilim who have joined the fight are Ganira, the terror of the sea who can crush opponents with the might of its claws, and Megadon, a humongous beast who will destroy all enemies on its path by using its boosted fire attacks.

Dawn Of The Monsters Review - 1

Once you’re ready for action, you’ll move your character around with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, using faster light attacks with the Y button and slower but more powerful heavy attacks with the X button. The A button is for dashing, which can help to put some distance between you and your enemies or to prepare for a dash attack to target opponents. You can dodge incoming attacks with the R button when timed right and can also decide to guard by pressing the L button – which, if timed right, can allow you to parry an incoming attack.


Along with this, you have access to special abilities that can be activated by spending some of the Rage you’ve built up by attacking enemies or by receiving damage. Rage can also be spent to unleash an execution attack on weakened enemies that are glowing red. Just press the B button when an enemy’s hit points are low enough, and you’ll instantly defeat it while also regaining some of your lost health, thus healing your wounds so that you can continue fighting.

To activate your Rage abilities, you’ll need to press the Y, X, and A buttons while also pressing and holding down the L button. Each of these special abilities will have a different Rage cost and will have a variety of effects depending on which character you’re playing as. For example, Tempest Galahad has a Macroburts Shot that costs two Rage and which will fire a long-range projectile infused with Sheol energy, as well as a very useful Reload that will use one Rage, triggering a mini-game that will determine how many bullets the mech will gain.

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For something very different, let’s talk about the special abilities of Ganira. Ganira has three Rage attacks that are unlike anything that Tempest Galahad has to offer. It can spend some Rage to summon a smaller Ganira minion that will aid in combat while mimicking Ganira’s Rage moves. We also have exoskeleton, which will create a shield that will absorb the damage of one attack. And then there’s steam burst. This is an area of effect attack that can inflict enemies with the drench status effect.


On top of these, each of the characters will also have an even more special Cataclysm. To use them, you’ll first need to build up your Cataclysm gauge by using Rage special abilities, which means you’re going to have to combo your way through groups of enemies to fill up your Rage at a faster pace. Yes, receiving damage also fills up your Rage, but every hit you take also brings you one step closer to defeat! Once the Cataclysm bar is full, you can press the L and R buttons to activate its might. For instance, Aegis Prime will use the mega mountain breaker, a powerful punch that deals considerable damage to nearby enemies, followed up by a wider range attack that deals a bit less damage.

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As you battle against the Nephilim, you’ll be able to launch them against hazards or pick up and use weapons that will deal special status effects against them. Hazards include examples such as volcanoes, gas stations, and power towers. The status effects that can be inflicted on enemies include burn, which will deal damage over time; shock, which will temporarily stun an opponent; erode, which will lower the target’s defense; and drench, which will considerably lower an enemy’s speed.

All four characters in Dawn of Monsters can be improved by way of DNA augments. DNA augments will grant each character with new abilities and attributes that will increase their power. Augments are split into tiers, and the higher the tier, the more powerful it will be. Augments will grant perks, such as increasing the damage of Rage attacks while also increasing a character’s primary attack and defense stats, along with providing a boost to secondary attributes – your character’s speed, critical hit percentage, critical hit damage, and rage generation.


Augments can be bought between stages, and you have the option of rerolling them to change the effects they have on your primary and secondary stats. Do be aware of how every time you reroll, that Augment’s cost will increase. Your characters can equip up to three Augments at the same time. Based on your performance during each mission you take on, you’ll also be rewarded with Augments to add to your collection. If you end up having too many Augments and run out of inventory space, you can always sell them to increase your funds.

Dawn Of The Monsters Review - Augments

Dawn of the Monsters is an excellent Kaiju beat ‘em up that pays homage to the genre in style. It does not parody Kaiju movies or manga, embracing the source material that inspires it. The game features an excellent cel shaded presentation that makes it feel like you’re walking through a graphic novel as you take on the Nephilim to save Earth. The game’s four characters each feel unique and different, which boosts replay value if you want to take on a full run with each of them – but you can still change who each player controls for each mission if you want to. Add a diverse cast of characters who are fleshed out thanks to solid voice acting, and you have a game that is easy to recommend on Nintendo Switch. The game is out tomorrow on Nintendo Switch with a $29.99 price.

This Dawn of the Monsters review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by WayForward.

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