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[Nintendo Switch] Plunderer’s Adventures Review

[Nintendo Switch] Plunderer’s Adventures Review
  • On March 17, 2022

Plunderer’s Adventures from eastasiasoft is a Rated M for Mature experience in which you’ll play as lady pirate Riley and her all-female crew. Check our Plunderer’s Adventures review!


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Plunderer’s Adventures from eastasiasoft is a Rated M for Mature experience in which you’ll play as lady pirate Riley and her all-female crew. Your goal is simple: claim the seas and loot all of your rival’s ships as you bring new allies to your group. You have to be sure to protect your booty from wave after wave of enemies. It’s a pixel tower defense action game where you use your flintlock pistol and everything at your disposal to defeat the enemies that are walking towards you and your crew. If you fail, your crew will be taken away by the invaders!The game’s Rated M for Mature rating exists because of how a lot of the women in the game, on top of having a lot of cleavage, also show up on different images and cutscenes in a variety of…situations.

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The controls are simple and to the point. You’ll need to press up or down on the left analog stick or the D-Pad to move between the different lanes as you press the X button to unleash your basic attack. You can press and hold down the button to attack non-stop. Any skills you’ve unlocked can be selected with the L and R buttons. Every enemy will have its health displayed above its head, and you need to deplete it before they reach one of your crewmembers, or you will lose a life.

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Every enemy that you defeat will reward you with some gold coins. After completing a level, you’ll be able to use said gold coins to purchase upgrades for your ship. These include improving your sail in order to boost your attack power, improving your bow to lower the cooldown period for skills, or improving the figurehead to boost skills. Since these upgrades are expensive, and because you don’t get that many coins as you complete each stage, you’re going to have to replay some stages if you want to make it to the end.


Plunderer’s Adventures Review - Boss

With only ten stages in total, that does mean you’re going to have to do some grinding to loot more coins so that you can defeat the more challenging monsters and bosses up ahead. You’re going to experience this as early as the second level in the game because the new enemies you’ll meet have a big boost to their health points when compared to the goblins you fight during the tutorial stage. Just be sure to replay the first stage 3-4 times so that you can at least boost your attack power and start to plan to lower the cooldown for skills since this is crucial for your survival.

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Plunderer’s Adventures is a tower defense game with a pirate theme, ten levels to complete, and an Endless Mode to unlock. The fan-service side of the equation is what’s going to rub some people the wrong way, which is to be expected. Along with the images you unlock by completing each stage, you’ll unlock some fan-service heavier images based on your performance in the game’s Endless Mode, so the higher your score, the more images you’ll unlock. Plunderer’s Adventures is out on Nintendo Switch with a budget $4.99 price.

This Plunderer’s Adventures review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by eastasiasoft.

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Pirate themed tower defense game with fan service