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[Nintendo Switch] Shapeshooter Review

[Nintendo Switch] Shapeshooter Review
  • On March 17, 2022

Shapeshooter from QuByte and Muk Games is an on-rails shooter on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Shapeshooter review!


Shapeshooter from QuByte and Muk Games is an on-rails shooter on Nintendo Switch. There’s not much of a story for this one, so you’ll just have to dive in and take control of your tank as you defeat the different purple and orange shapes in each of the stages. They’re called polygoners and come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on this, they might remain stationary, fly towards you when you get closer, have a set movement path, or block your way so that you can’t progress further until they’re destroyed.


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Since you’re literally on rails, you’ll aim with the left analog stick as you move your tank forward with the R and ZR buttons and backward with the L and ZL buttons. You can select your weapon with the X button and can use an orange shot with the Y button and a purple shot with the B button. As mentioned before, shapes will either be purple or orange, so you’ll have to shoot at them with the right ammo color to be able to deal damage and destroy them.


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As you progress through each stage in Shapeshooter, you will collect energy orbs. These can be used at the workshop to improve different aspects of your tank. You can boost weapons to increase your firepower, improve your tank’s speed and grip, increase your tank’s shields so that it can withstand more damage, or improve the range of your tank’s magnet so that it can attract power-ups and energy orbs from a greater distance. You can also purchase new colors to customize your tank’s looks.


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For every stage you best, you will be graded based on the score you get, the time it takes you to complete a stage, how many enemies you defeat, and if you complete the level without dying. For each of these objectives that you manage to complete, you’ll be rewarded with a gear. Gears are needed to unlock subsequent stages, as well as to unlock the three additional planets you can explore. If you can’t get more than one gear for a stage, be sure to upgrade your tank so that you can then give it another try.


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There’s not much to say about Shapeshooter. It offers a minimalist top-down presentation and easy gameplay mechanics, but it does not have a fun gameplay loop. You’re forced to replay the few levels that are available for each planet in order to obtain enough gears to unlock the other stages and planets, which is not fun. Shapeshooter is out on Nintendo Switch with a $3.99 price.

This Shapeshooter review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by QuByte.

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Top-down on-rails shooter with a boring gameplay loop