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[PlayStation 4] Aztech Forgotten Gods Review

[PlayStation 4] Aztech Forgotten Gods Review
  • On March 22, 2022

Aztech Forgotten Gods from Mexican indie team Lienzo is a 3D cyber-stone action-adventure in which you’ll battle the colossal titular entities to uncover the truth. Check our Aztech Forgotten Gods review!


Aztech Forgotten Gods from Mexican indie team Lienzo is a 3D cyber-stone action-adventure in which you’ll battle the colossal titular entities to uncover the truth. The studio previously gave us Metroidvania Hunter’s Legacy and 3D adventure Mulaka, based on Tarahumaran mythology, with a colorful minimalist 3D presentation. This time around, we get a very different type of game in which you’ll take on the role of young Achtli, the new guardian of the Lightkeeper, a powerful gauntlet that will be crucial to understanding the past so that the people of Tenochtitlan can have a future.

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You see, Aztech Forgotten Gods gives us a glimpse at an alternate future in which the Aztecs managed to overcome all odds and have flourished into a technologically advanced civilization. The past has been forgotten, and this has led to some mistakes being made along the way, which have allowed the titular Forgotten Gods to rise and wreak havoc. These massive bosses reminded me at times of the bosses I fought in Shadow of the Colossus back in the PlayStation 2 era, bit with an Aztec twist.


You’ll control Achtli with the left analog stick, swinging the camera around with the right analog stick. To reset the camera, just push the R3 button – that is, press in on the right analog stick. She can jump and double with the X button and can attack with the Square button as needed. She’ll gain access to a powerful jetpack boost by way of her gauntlet, which you can use to blast-off and fly around to explore each area or to maneuver around during boss fights to avoid their attacks as you find the right window of opportunity to unleash a punch or two. Press and hold down the R2 button for a charged punch, which will boost your attack power.

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Once I started to explore Tenochtitlan, I noticed that other than the main character, her mother, and the main story characters, the NPC that populate the city look very low-poly, with angular bodies and washed-out textures, which seemed a bit weird since the main character, the city itself and the enemies and bosses you fight are more detailed. But then I walked closer to the buildings and noticed that they also used some very low-resolution textures. My guess is the team went with this to be able to keep the framerate as high as possible, optimizing performance between the PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions.


By completing sidequests and missions, you’ll be rewarded with the two types of in-game currency. The blue one can be used to purchase new haircuts and outfits for Achtli to customize the way she looks. As for the yellow currency, it can b used to unlock boosts and abilities at the skill tree. These include increasing her max hit points, boosting her take-off max speed when using impulse, increasing her max speed when moving with the jetpack, increasing her running speed, increasing the window for you to use a finishing move on minions by timing your button presses just right, increasing the arm’s total energy, and more.

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Aztech Forgotten Gods has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy, split into 5 Silver trophies and 9 Gold trophies. The objectives require that you defeat 20 minions, defeat 15 minions with a finisher move, purchase every outfit, hairstyle, and upgrade in the game, complete every side quest in the game, remain airborne for two minutes, wall jump off from a boss seven times, and complete the game, to name some examples. There’s also a trophy for speedrunning the game and completing it in two hours, which will probably be best left for a second run of the game once you have beaten it at least once.

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After enjoying Mulaka on Nintendo Switch, I was looking forward to checking out Aztech Forgotten Gods on PlayStation 4. While I dig the game’s look, story, boss fights, and overall premise, there are some issues with the game. The camera has a mind of its own and ends up working against you, moving too close for comfort during regular fights and then moving a bit back during boss fights, so you’ll have to readjust your strategy when battling the Forgotten Gods. While the game does not fully stick its landing, it does a lot of things differently that help to set it apart from other games on Sony’s console. Aztech Forgotten Gods is out on PS4 with a $29.99 asking price. There’s also a PlayStation 5 version, but it’s available as a separate version.

This Aztech Forgotten Gods review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Lienzo.

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3D cyber-stone action-adventure with some hiccups