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[PlayStation 5] Gunborg: Dark Matters Review

[PlayStation 5] Gunborg: Dark Matters Review
  • On March 30, 2022

Gunborg: Dark Matters from Red Art Games is a fast-paced 2D arcade-style action platformer on PS5 set in space. Check our Gunborg: Dark Matters review!


Gunborg: Dark Matters from Red Art Games is a fast-paced 2D arcade-style action platformer on PS5 set in space. The game features a colorful, neon-infused presentation that is accompanied by a matching 1980s inspired synthwave soundtrack. You’ll be taking on each stage as you try to defeat every enemy on your path to boost your score as you combo your way to victory. You’ll run into some mini-bosses and some bosses along the way, which will dial up the challenge. You can play each level in two difficulty settings: Easy or Normal. Once you’ve accumulated enough info bots by collecting them as you progress through each stage, you can unlock the Hardcore difficulty for all levels.

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You’ll move your character with the left analog stick, jumping with the L2 button, and use your jetpack when pressing the L2 button while in mid-air. Your jetpack can be used up to three times in a row, and it will be crucial for this action platforming experience. You can aim around you with the right analog stick and attack with the R2 button. You can use your shield with the R1 button, which can be used to block attacks or to deflect projectiles. You can pick up weapons with the L1 button.


Every enemy you defeat will be worth some points, and once you defeat one, you’ll get a combo timer you can use to defeat other enemies in quick succession to boost your score. If your character receives damage from an enemy’s attack or by bumping into a hazard, then the combo will be gone. You’ll also get bonus points by completing a level as fast as possible, another bonus for having a lot of health, as well as an extra bonus for collecting the info bots on that particular level. Add all of these up, and you will get the rank grade for the level. If you manage to get your combo up to level 3, then you’ll be imbued with Dark Matter. What this will do is considerably boost the attack power of your weapons, which can certainly be useful during some of the more hectic segments at later levels.

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If you’re the type of gamer who just wants to see the end credits roll, then you’re going to be able to speed through Gunborg: Dark Matters by playing on the Easy difficulty setting. But if you’re a gamer who likes to 100% games, you’re going to be replaying each stage several times as you learn a level’s layout, the enemy types you’ll run into, their movement and attack patterns, and where each hazard is located. Do all this, and you’ll find the right flow for completing the level with an S rank.

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Getting an S rank for each level is important since there’s a trophy for getting your first S rank grade and another one for getting an S rank on all stages. Gunborg: Dark Matters has a full trophy list, split into 2 Bronze trophies, 1 Silver trophy, and 11 Gold trophies. The rest of your objectives will include completing levels 4, 8, and 12, beating the whole game, completing the bonus levels, and completing the escape pod segments. Oh, and you have to, you know, find all of the info bots in the game.

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Gunborg: Dark Matters is a fun 2D arcade-style action platformer that is a lot of fun on PlayStation 5. It features easy-to-understand gameplay mechanics that you’ll need to use on the fly to stay away from hazards, defeat enemies, and collect the weapons they drop, all while trying to rack up a high score to S rank each level. Gunborg: Dark Matters is out as a Cross-Buy title for a $14.99 price, so you’ll get both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5 versions with your purchase.

This Gunborg: Dark Matters review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Red Art Games.

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