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[Nintendo Switch] Red Wings: American Aces Review

[Nintendo Switch] Red Wings: American Aces Review
  • On April 6, 2022

Arcade biplane shooter Red Wings: American Aces from ALL IN! GAMES and Ironbird Creations is ready to go on Nintendo Switch. Check our Red Wings: American Aces review!


Arcade biplane shooter Red Wings: American Aces from ALL IN! GAMES and Ironbird Creations is ready to go on Nintendo Switch. The game is set during World War I and puts you in the pilot’s seat of a nostalgic, action-packed arcade shooter with a comic-book style presentation. You can take on the game on your own or dive into some local or online multiplayer. The game has a Story Mode campaign with 30 missions to take on, and you can play custom modes locally in Score Battle, Time Battle, and Hide ‘n Seek.

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And if you want to test your skills against gamers from all corners of the world, then you can take on the online side of the equation. Once you take the fight online, you can join battles for up to 9 players from around the world while playing in the Last Man Standing, Score Battle, or Time Battle modes, or join squads of up to 5 players as you battle against other squads in Elimination, Time Team Battle, or Score Team Battle.


You’ll steer your plane with the left analog stick, looking around with the right one after pressing and holding down the L button, as you zoom aim with the ZL button and fire with the R and ZR buttons. You can do a barrel roll with the A button, which can help you avoid enemy fire to then line up your reticle to destroy them. Just remember that this and other abilities will have a cooldown in order to balance things out. The quick comeback skill will make it possible to change the direction you’re flying in.

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When possible, you can call your squadron for support. Lock onto enemies and call the squadron for allied warplanes to swoop in to save the day! There’s also a fatal takedown option to defeat a wounded opponent while also healing some of the health you’ve lost. You will need to defeat several enemies to activate this special ability so that you don’t end up abusing it. Do keep an eye on your health and fuel gauges at all times. If you’re running out of fuel or have taken heavy damage, you can search for special balloons with rings. Fly through them, and you’ll receive a quick pick me up.


You’ll start your adventure with the Boeing 4 EA under your command. It’s a plane with balanced stats for max speed, endurance, and heat resistance. You can unlock four additional warplanes to use in the game by completing missions 3, 6, 10, and 15 in Story Mode. Different planes means that they’ll have different values for each of the three aforementioned stats, so you’ll be able to find the right one for you.

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What enemies will you find during your time with Red Wings: American Aces? There is the War Gas Warplane, which will release a toxic gas that will blind your view while also dealing damage over time. The Red Balloon is a very dangerous enemy since it will continue to call for reinforcements until destroyed. Shielded Warplanes are powerful enemies with a lot of health points, making them harder to destroy, especially since they have shields that regenerate over time! Killer Warplanes are fast and deadly since they can crash into you without them receiving any damage. You will also need to take on Elite pilots, who can dodge your attacks while dishing out a ton of damage. And then, there’s the Zeppelin. It’s a mighty flying machine that packs a punch, and you’ll need to destroy the gondolas so that you can reach the core to finally destroy the Zeppelin.


For every mission you complete, you’ll be given up to a three-star rating. This rating will depend on if you’ve managed to complete a mission within a specific time limit or by reaching a specific high score. By completing missions, you will be rewarded with skill points. Skill points can be spent to unlock nodes in the skill tree, which will give you access to new skills and upgrades for your plane. You can remap the unlocks on the skill tree depending on what you need for your next mission, so be sure to visit the skill tree often!

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Red Wings: American Aces offers a fun arcade-style World War I biplane shooter on Nintendo Switch with a Story Mode, local and online multiplayer options, and some extra replay value by offering a skill tree where you can unlock skills and upgrades as you replay missions to get a three-star rating to secure more skill points. Red Wings: American Aces is out on Nintendo Switch with an $11.99 price. There are also two DLC available for the game, each one retailing for $0.99, which adds some heavy metal skins and some legacy legendary skins for the planes.

This Red Wings: American Aces review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by ALL IN! GAMES.

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A fun arcade-style WWI biplane shooter on Nintendo Switch