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[Nintendo Switch] Floogen Review

[Nintendo Switch] Floogen Review
  • On April 11, 2022

Floogen from RedDeerGames and Ian Levesque is a stop-motion adventure on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our Floogen review!


Floogen from RedDeerGames and Ian Levesque is a stop-motion adventure on Nintendo Switch. This means that each of the areas you’ll explore is made from cardboard, tape, clay, and other practical elements. For stop-motion, everything is photographed one frame at a time as some elements in the composition are moved little by little until you have a full frame of animation. It’s a very laborious process, but one that makes it possible to have a game that looks as great as this one.

Floogen Review - Extra Character

You’ll take on the role of one of three heroes, each one with its own look and feel, as well as a set of abilities to use in the bizarre world of Floogen. At first, you’ll only have one available to control and will need to unlock the other two so that you can switch between them by ringing a bell when you enter a stage. For example, one of the characters you can unlock runs faster and can double jump, which can definitely make some of the platforming segments a lot easier. The game is an action platformer, so you’ll be fighting against enemies as you try to find as many collectibles as possible while trying to save the day. And along with the 2D platforming, there will be some surreal cutscenes, as well as fishing! All games are made better with some fishing.


Floogen Review - 1

Your character is controlled with the left analog stick, and it can jump by pressing the B button. You can press the X or L buttons for a dodge that will allow you to go through enemies to avoid their attacks and prepare to counterattack with the Y button. Using the roll will lower your stamina bar, which means you can’t abuse it. Other special attacks – such as the spin attack you can unlock for your starting character – will also use up some of your stamina. The good news is that stamina will refill over time.

Floogen Review - 3

Melon pieces can be picked up to recover your health. If you’re at max health, you’ll instead add the melon to your collection. If you manage to get 50 melon pieces, then you’ll get a full melon. Full melons are used as the in-game currency, and you can spend them at the hub to purchase an increase to your health bar, an increase to your stamina bar, or end up boosting your attack so that you can deal more damage to enemies. As a bonus, when you purchase any of these upgrades, you’ll be treated to a short stop-motion cutscene.


Floogen Review - 4

Floogen is a fun indie action platformer created with stop-motion techniques, which is why it has a look and feel that helps it stand out on Nintendo’s console. And as a fan of stop-motion games such as The Neverhood, Skullmonkeys, Armikrog, and ClayFighter, I definitely loved what this one managed to do. There’s also some replay value in this one since you can complete each level with all three characters to 100% it since some characters will have access to different routes that are inaccessible to the others. The one complaint I have about this one is that the game’s overall lighting can be a bit dark at times. Floogen is out on Nintendo Switch with a low price of only $3.99, making it an easy one to recommend.

This Floogen review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by RedDeerGames.

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A fun stop-motion action platformer