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[Nintendo Switch] Chex Quest HD Review

[Nintendo Switch] Chex Quest HD Review
  • On April 18, 2022

Chex Quest HD is a non-violent FPS based on the cereal of the same name, which has been given a new life on Nintendo Switch. Check our Chex Quest HD review!


Chex Quest HD is a non-violent FPS based on the cereal of the same name, which has been given a new life on Nintendo Switch. It was originally released back in 1996 by Digital Café as a tie-in to promote Chex cereal for the demographic of children six years of age and up. It’s an interesting game since it’s a reconverted take on Doom, a very different type of FPS of which by now you’ve probably played a version. The original version of this game was included for free in CD form in a ton of cereal boxes, and now we get Chex Quest HD on Nintendo Switch thanks to QubicGames as a remake that bumps everything up into the 21st century.


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The game takes place on the remote planet of Bazoik, where you’re on a mission to free the galactic citizens from the threat of the evil cereal-eating Flemoids. As a member of the Chex Mix Squadron, you must do whatever it takes to free the Intergalactic Federation of Snacks outposts by using the different gadgets at your disposal. The first thing to do once you’re ready to get started will be to select your character. The options are Fred, Wheatney, Dr. O’Rven, Shane, NACL96, and P.R.E.T.Z.L.


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Since this game is an FPS, that means you’ll be moving your character around each stage with the left analog stick, as you look with the right one, jumping with the B button. The zorching devices at your disposal can be used with the ZL or ZR buttons to defeat the Flemoids in each of the game’s five stages so that you can save the day. When you defeat a Flemoid with a zorching device, it will be sent back to its home dimension. You can also use a spoon as a melee weapon. To interact with objects – such as buttons or switches to open doors – just press the Y button. Because Flemoids attack with mucus, you must collect slime repellant cans to add to your character’s armor. And if you need to recover some of your lost health, then find yourself a bowl of fruit or a bowl of vegetables for a boost!


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Chex Quest HD is an all-ages FPS that remakes the original from 1996 for a new generation, changing the pixel graphics for polygons while also having voice acting for the story and the characters. It’s a short budget game that you can complete in less than two hours at most, and maybe you will need to spend some extra time finding all of the items and secrets in each level. Chex Quest HD is out on Nintendo Switch for a low price of only $4.99, so you should definitely check it out!

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This Chex Quest HD review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by QubicGames.

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Cereal-based FPS remade for a new generation