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How To Find Your Gaming Style

How To Find Your Gaming Style

Each of us has our unique reasons for loving gaming. Some of us use video games as an escape, some to connect with friends, and some play sporadically for different reasons. When you’re looking to buy a new game, game reviews are super important, but so too is knowing the kind of gamer you are.

With console games costing more and more money, buying a new release can be a big decision. We’ve all saved up for a brand new game, only to feel a little disappointed after playing through it – or even stopped playing it. While there will always be games that slip through the cracks, reviews and knowing your gaming style are great ways to avoid that.

Console, PC or Mobile?

The most important factor in finding out your gaming style is deciding what console you enjoy playing on the most. Some of us fit into multiple categories. It could be that we might love playing a shoot-em-up with our friends but also really look forward to a puzzle game as well. If you’ve got a game in mind that you’re thinking of purchasing, then stick to the genre of that game for now. There are different rules for different kinds of games. For example, if you’re looking for online casino reviews, then you’ll want to look at different criteria than if you’re looking at a review for the latest PlayStation game. Vegas Slots Online provide casino reviews and give information on the variety of games available, safety and security features, as well as the deposit and payment methods available. All of this information is vital for those wanting to choose a casino site but wouldn’t be as useful for those looking for a great console game.

Ashwalkers Review - 3

At PS3blog, we focus largely on games for PlayStation, but equally, we write plenty of reviews for Nintendo Switch. The sort of information we focus on is around the storyline, the ease of controls, the progression from previous games, and so on. Take, for example, our review for Ashwalkers, which can help you better understand if it’s a game that will click with you or one you’d best avoid.

Is Gaming Social For You?

For some people whiling away hours on a city simulator whilst listening to music and ignoring all other distractions sounds like the perfect weekend afternoon. For others, hearing their friends’ words of encouragement as they take down an army base fills that criteria better. If you’re the sort of person who enjoys gaming as a way to totally switch off and escape from the real world, then social gaming might not generally be the kind of gaming that you want to do. On the other hand, if you find the idea of playing without others a little dull, then you’ve guessed it, you’re a social gamer. This is a super easy game attributed to spot in a review, so read through a couple before you decide on your purchase to see if you’ll be playing surrounded by friends or in blissful isolation.

Do You Need Direction?

Broadly speaking, games either want you to play in one certain direction or give you free rein to play as you like. A game with a clear mission, a storyline to follow, and maybe a few subplots and sidequests is always sending you in a pre-determined direction. That doesn’t mean that the game is any less creative or interesting, just that there’s always a goal that’s set for you in mind. On the other hand, some games drop you into a new world and allow you to get on with things. These games tend not to have an ongoing storyline, though they may have had a story as a precursor to let you know a bit about where you’re beginning.

Games like Stardew Valley, Planet Zoo and The Sims are all games that don’t have a predetermined end goal. Conversely, games like the Red Dead Redemption, Call of Duty, and Halo franchise all have an endpoint to work towards – if you don’t consider entries such as Warzone that take things in a different direction. While there’s plenty of freedom for exploration in both sets of games, some people enjoy the focus of having that goal, whereas others prefer having total freedom to play exactly how they would like to. Decide which camp you fall into and try to choose mostly games that work for your gaming style.