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[Nintendo Switch] Pinball Freedom Review

[Nintendo Switch] Pinball Freedom Review
  • On May 6, 2022

Pinball Freedom from CGA Studio Games gives you access to five pinball tables and an air hockey table on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Pinball Freedom review!


Pinball Freedom from CGA Studio Games gives you access to five pinball tables and an air hockey table on Nintendo Switch. You can play the Fairytales pinball table, the Sci-Fi table, the Chill Panda table, the Skate Park table, or the BMX table. Or, as mentioned before, take on a good, old-fashioned game of air hockey to relax and unwind. You’ll select any of these games from a small 3D arcade room that you can walk around with the left analog stick as you move the camera around with the right one. Each of the pinball tables is controlled the same way.

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You’ll use the left-side bumpers with the L or ZL buttons and the right-side bumpers with the R or ZR buttons. The A button will be used to launch the ball onto the playing area. If you want to give the pinball table a small nudge, you can do so by way of the D-Pad. You can change the camera angle to get a better view of the table by pressing the X button… and that’s about it!


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Some of the tables feel a bit too minimalist at times, with not much going on and not many missions to complete. For the Fairytales table, you’ll have to hit some paintings to boost your score and increase your multiplier. There’s a separate segment at the top of the screen where you can hit another group of paintings to gain an extra ball. On the other hand, the Sci-Fi table will have six missions to complete so that you can increase your multiplier by dropping targets and rolling over specific areas, hitting bumpers 20 times, or rollover the ramps on the upper left and right of the table.


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As for the air hockey table, it will be presented with the camera positioned behind where you’d be standing if you were holding the paddle to play. Once you move the paddle with the left analog stick, the air hockey puck will move either towards you or towards your opponent’s side of the table as you both try to score a point by sending the puck into the opposing goal. The game will end once you or the CPU manages to reach five points in total.


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Pinball Freedom offers five pinball tables and an air hockey table for you to take for a spin on Nintendo’s console. The tables have a minimalist look to them, and some – as is the case for the Fairytales table – don’t have much for you to do. The tables look as if someone didn’t manage to add all textures before shipping the game, and the pinball physics also feel a bit off when playing. The score window on the upper right corner of the screen will also block part of the pinball table depending on which camera angle you’re using. Pinball Freedom is out on Nintendo Switch at a $9.99 price.

This Pinball Freedom review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by CGA Studio Games.

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