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[Nintendo Switch] Vesper: Zero Light Edition Review

[Nintendo Switch] Vesper: Zero Light Edition Review
  • On May 12, 2022

Vesper: Zero Light Edition from Cordens Interactive is a gorgeous puzzle-platformer on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Vesper: Zero Light Edition review!


Vesper: Zero Light Edition from Cordens Interactive is a gorgeous puzzle-platformer on Nintendo Switch. You’ll take control of Seven, a small android who is lost on a planet where an ancient civilization is no more. Danger lurks around every corner, and with no real way of defending yourself – at least not at first – you’ll need to be on the run, hiding from enemies as you try to find what is really going on. The game’s story is presented in part by way of some cutscenes, but most of it you’ll get from finding special sigils you can activate with your hi-tech arm thing as you decipher each communication.

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Since this one is the Vesper: Zero Light Edition, that means that some changes have been made to the game between its original release last year on Steam and the version we now get to play on Nintendo Switch. Some platforms have been removed or switched around, with some new graphic elements that add new lighting sources and particle effects. You’ll also find more mines to avoid since they will make you go boom if you step on them. It’s the definitive version of the game, improved and revamped for Nintendo’s console.


You’ll run around with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, jumping with the B button. You can interact with the Y button. This will allow you to activate switches to open doors, move platforms around, or activate teleporters. You can also hide by pressing the X button when there are glowing flowers in the foreground. You’ll know you’re doing things right since the whole screen will darken up a bit. Just know that you can’t hide after an enemy has already spotted you! And then there’s the R button which is just labeled destroy. Press and hold down the button, and your character will explode!

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A fun gameplay mechanic that is introduced around the half-hour mark is a very special gun you gain access to after escaping from many deadly enemies. What this gun allows you to do is absorb and release light with the ZL and ZR buttons, respectively. This will be very important since it will allow you to solve some puzzles, as well as to create some shadows where you can hide by pressing the X button since you’re removing light sources that show where you’re located. But this gun can also allow you to imbue the light into enemies… so that you can take control of them!


This will play a part in the puzzle-solving, but it will also allow you to sometimes get rid of an enemy for a few seconds by, say, having it jump down a bottomless pit so that you can use that extra time to progress further in the game. Do know that there’s usually going to be a contraption from which a new, different enemy will spawn a few seconds later so that you don’t waste what precious time you have! Since a single hit can kill you, every confrontation you can avoid is certainly a good thing.

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Remember that whole “press R to destroy” thing? Well, you can use the R button to make the possessed enemy go boom! You can also use a melee attack with the A button. And if you want to release an enemy without making them explode, just press and hold down the L button. Not all light is created equal. Sure, all light will have your gun glow, which means it’s bad for you trying to hide from enemies. But you’ll also run into corrupted light, which will return to its source after a bit of time, so you need to use it as quickly as possible!

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Vesper: Zero Light Edition is a fun 2D puzzle platformer revamped for its Nintendo Switch debut. It’s a short one that you can end up completing in around four hours at most, and new gameplay mechanics are added at a slow but steady pace, so you’ll be coming back to see what happens next – first, you get the special gun, then you’ll get a companion sphere bot, so who knows what pops up next, right? Vesper: Zero Light Edition is out on Nintendo Switch with a $9.99 asking price.

This Vesper: Zero Light Edition review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Cordens Interactive.

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