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[PlayStation 5] Lake Review

[PlayStation 5] Lake Review
  • On May 16, 2022

Lake from Whitethorn Games and Gamious is a relaxing game in which you’ll take on a mail delivery route to help your father. Learn more in our Lake review!


Lake from Whitethorn Games and Gamious is a relaxing game in which you’ll take on a mail delivery route to help your father. The year is 1986, and you’ll take on the role of one Meredith Weiss. She has taken a short break from her career back in the big city to return to her hometown to deliver the mail. How will her two weeks at Providence Oaks unravel? Will her time back in a town so full of life, with its lake and all of its outdoor locations, help her to find something she was desperately missing?

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Given the year in which the game is set, that means there won’t be an internet or cellphones to distract you from enjoying the scenery as you take care of delivering all of the mail. After your plane ride, you’ll be picked up by Mr. Coleman – who asks that you please call him Frank, since, for the next two weeks, you’ll be colleagues! Frank will help you to get used to things by giving you your first task: get out of the mail truck and use the mailbag to, well, deliver the mail! If there’s a package to deliver, then you’ll have to walk to the back of the truck to get it… and that’s it!


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You’ll control Meredith – and the vehicle in which you’ll deliver the mail – by using the left analog stick as you move the camera around with the right one. You can accelerate with the R2 button – which will make Meredith walk faster when on foot – and brake and go in reverse by pressing the L2 button. To check the map, press the R1 button so that you know where you need to go. Press the Square button to use the car’s horn, and toggle the radio with the Triangle button. To review your agenda, just press the L1 button.


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Lake has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy, and it’s a chill one to complete. It includes 11 Gold trophies, with the first one popping as soon as you start your first day working for the post office. After this one, there will be a handful of trophies for completing some sidequests as you meet the people in town and help some of them – with one trophy requiring that you help your boss who is back in the city. The rest of the trophies will be tied to the different endings you can get for Lake, so be sure to make a save at the start of each day in case you need to go back to take care of something!

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Lake was a pleasant journey on PlayStation 5. It’s a very relaxing slice-of-life experience that you can play at your own pace, as you spend two weeks away from the big city to return to your hometown and deliver the mail. You’ll reconnect with old friends, learn more about Meredith’s past, and start to shape her future. Lake is out on PlayStation 5 with a $19.99 asking price. There’s also a separate PlayStation 4 version of the game as well, also available for $19.99.

This Lake review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Whitethorn Games.

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A very relaxing slice-of-life experience on PS5