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The Complete Guide to Destiny 2 Trials Of Osiris

The Complete Guide to Destiny 2 Trials Of Osiris

We know how challenging the Trials Of Osiris can be.

If you don’t know where to start or what to do, you will most likely fail, especially if you have never experienced Destiny 2 trials carry.

We decided to write up some of the most necessary information about the trials. This way, you will be prepared to take them on together with your team while having fun and enjoying them to your best.

In this article, we will show you some information on how to access the trials and some of the best tips and tricks you can stick to in order to score more wins!

What are the Destiny 2 Trials Of Osiris ?

Sitting in front of your PlayStation with a controller in hand, scrolling down to find what the Trials Of Osiris are? Then, you are at the right place!

Assuming you know about the game and how popular Destiny 2 is, we will move on to the topic! Trials Of Osiris are the PvP content of the game. It is where all guardians can face each other and fight, showing off their skills and talent while using their favorite weapons of choice to win over the other teams.

It is usually played in three teams, but you can try solo. The trials themselves aim to dominate and eliminate your opponents in the bracket. By doing so, you will be awarded points, and from then on, you will get rewards depending on the score you got.

The Trials Of Osiris are a weekly thingy. You can participate in them every week, besides a new raid or update. The rewards also change weekly and on the points, you score. So the better you do, the greater they will be. The best part is that in these trials, you lose nothing. Even if you lose matches, the worst thing will be that your ego will get hurt and nothing more, making it perfect even for newbies in PvP!

How to participate in them – Tips and Tricks for Success

This part can be a bit tricky but do not fret. We are here to explain!

To even participate in the Trials of Osiris, you have to meet the minimal power level requirements and the latest expansion of the game ( currently witch queen)- you can always check it on the website for changes. Still, as of now, it is 1520+ power.

Once you hit that number, the following point will be to complete all the quests from Saint 14. Doing so will set you up for the next step – buying the Trial Passage. Once you get it, you have all actions complete. The last thing you have to do is use the director and find Crucible. Then, you can proceed towards your first matching in the Trials Of Osiris and do your best to win!

Tips and Tricks for Higher Chances of Success

What are the tips and tricks, you may wonder? There are many, and at the same time, there is nothing new in the book. It is all old tactics, and things practiced for a long time, but it is still as effective.

The first thing you have to do is think about the team. If you go like a team of 3, you must know each other, communicate well and have some practice in fights together. These things will ensure a smoother battle against the enemies you will face.

Although there are not many tricks, we definitely can give you some great suggestions to follow. For example, one of the best is to stick together. Even if the trials are where you can shine, sticking with your team and covering for each other often can lead to a win!

Another great thing you can do is practice, use the map, play a few games, check the spots for defense and attack that best suit your team, learn how to move on the map, and just get used to the terrain.

If you are wondering about the weapons, do not! It is best to pick your best one, favorite and most often used weapon. It will be easier and more efficient that way.

In team composition, make sure to be prepared for any opponents. That includes weapons of choice. Have long and short-range both covered as fights are not staying still but fast, engaging, and entertaining.

Yet another great tip is to MOVE – if you hide or wait on your teammates, you will lose the match.

Try to get accustomed to the enemy’s playstyle. That is essential as by getting to know their next move, you will be a step ahead. After some bullet exchanges, you will be able to see how they move, what their plan is, and so on. If you get it right, you will win!

The last tip will be to have fun. Remember, it is a game, and you lose nothing. You can only win from the trials, so do your best and enjoy it with your friends! We play together, and that’s what matters!

Destiny 2 Trials Of Osiris : Is it Worth Playing it?

Definitely! It’s worth checking out the Trials Of Osiris . They are, as we said, the pinnacle of Player versus Player gaming in Destiny 2. It will only benefit you, and you will have tons of fun participating in the trials.

You can get great rewards based on your performance, maybe even some great weapon you have a long-awaited get or some rare materials!

The Trials Of Osiris are worth it because you can check how good you are there. In addition, you can face other guardians with a lot of experience where you can test skills, understand the map, and even the adaptability of the guardians. Teamplay and strategies are also a part of it which makes it great even for building up the team play or simply for preparation for a raid.

The Trials Of Osiris in Destiny 2 are among the most exciting events you can participate in! They are the best of the best PvP experience in the game and are there to provide you with a lot of experience, rewards, and tons of fun. You will definitely enjoy them if you are enthusiastic like every PS gamer!