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[Nintendo Switch] Watcher Chronicles Review

[Nintendo Switch] Watcher Chronicles Review
  • On May 30, 2022

Watcher Chronicles from Third Sphere Game Studio is a 2D Soulslike in which you’ll need to save Purgatory before it’s too late. Learn more in our Watcher Chronicles review!


Watcher Chronicles from Third Sphere Game Studio is a 2D Soulslike in which you’ll need to save Purgatory before it’s too late. A group of fallen angels known as The Watchers is trying to turn Purgatory into a new hell, so all the lost souls must unite to stand a chance of defeating them, or else they’ll face utter annihilation. Your journey will begin after your character wakes up on a ritual pedestal with no recollection of what happened before.

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You’ll control your character with the left analog stick or the D-Pad as you use your primary attack with the Y or ZR button, with your secondary attack mapped to the X button. Your main attack will lower your stamina, while your secondary attack – which you use to take on enemies from a safer distance – will lower your energy as well as use some of your stamina. You can jump with the B button and can dodge with the A button, which is extremely useful for a Soulslike. Dodging will also lower your stamina. You can block with the L and ZL button. If you need to use a potion, then you can press the R button. Just be sure to plan this so that you drink a potion at the right time, or else you’ll be left wide open for a world of hurt.


As you explore Purgatory, you’ll need to collect a bunch of items so that you can improve your odds of survival. You have six equipment slots to consider. One will be for your armor, another one will be for your main weapon, and the third one will be for your secondary weapon. The remaining three slots are for rings that can boost your stats or grant you a special protection. There are over 100 pieces of equipment to find, so be sure to try them all. Oh, and you should always keep in mind your stats so that you are aware of what you can deal with!

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As you defeat enemies and bosses – more on these in a bit – you’ll be rewarded with Umbra. You can also find Umbra inside treasure chests. Once you collect enough, you’ll be able to level up, by which you’ll get to improve your strength, vitality, dexterity, and focus. This will, in turn, improve your health, stamina, energy, physical resistance, magical resistance, the damage dealt by your main and your secondary attacks, and the chance of either one landing a critical hit so that you can deal massive damage to your opponents.


Umbra can also be used at the blacksmith’s shop to purchase new weapons and armor, as well as to upgrade them. The prices won’t be cheap, but the stuff you can buy – and the boost to your items – will be worth it. Do be aware of how on top of requiring you to pay Umbra for buying new stuff, upgrading items will require not only Umbra but also for you to spend some Umbra Shards. Umbra Shards are rarer than Umbra, so be sure to make every single one of them count!

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The good news is that you can buy some of them at the merchant, who also sells rings along with useful items like a potion pouch that increases the number of potions you can carry at any given time, an orb of return that will instantly take you to the last save statue you rested at, a respect token that can be spent to reallocate your stat attributes so that you can make changes based on your playing style, or an interestingly-looking Eternal Key that is quite the mystery. It does bear the mark of a grotesque creature, so there’s certainly somewhere you can put it to good use! If you can afford it, I suggest you buy the ring that boosts how much Umbra you receive since it will grant you a 10% boost, which will make the ring pay for itself in no time. And maybe get some magic tomes to add some occult power into the mix.


And then there are the bosses. As expected, bosses will be the most challenging of your encounters during your time with Watcher Chronicles. You’ll need to learn each of their movement and attack patterns so that you can find the right time to dodge at close quarters or from a distance with one of your long-range attacks. You better have some healing potions on you to recover any lost health, or else you’ll be defeated in a blink. Oh, and don’t you worry about defeating the first boss you find in the game, since you’re going to lose that one no matter what, since you won’t be strong enough during your first run. Maybe in a New Game Plus run? During a New Game Plus run, you’ll get to keep your gear after completing the game, but the difficulty will also be increased!

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If you’re looking for a 2D Soulslike to take for a spin on Nintendo Switch, Watcher Chronicles is a new option. It does start a bit slow, throwing a bunch of skeletons at you that won’t be much of a challenge, but that’s the game’s way of allowing you to get the hang of things before the challenge is bumped up considerably from the second area and on. Watcher Chronicles is out on Nintendo Switch with a $19.99 asking price.


This Watcher Chronicles review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Third Sphere Game Studio.

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