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[PlayStation 5] Disgaea 6 Complete

[PlayStation 5] Disgaea 6 Complete

Disgaea 6 Complete by NIS America is the ultimate, definitive version of the beloved SRPG, with all DLC from the Switch version now on PS5. Check our Disgaea 6 Complete review!


Disgaea 6 Complete by NIS America is the ultimate, definitive version of the beloved SRPG, with all DLC ready to go. The story starts with Zed, a young zombie boy, and his zombie dog pal Cerberus as they arrive at the Darkest Assembly. After quickly disposing of some level 999 guards, they both enter the Assembly to meet with Overlord Ivar, who’s wondering why the God of Destruction hasn’t shown up yet. It is then that Zed tells him to relax, that he defeated him, which Ivar does not believe. It is then that the first chapter of the game starts, with a level 1 Zed, as you narrate the story of how everything led to that point where you defeated the most dangerous God of Destruction ever known.

After this intro, you end up with Cerberus in the Fourth-Dimensional Netherworld, a place Cerberus created to serve as a base to prepare for your ultimate goal. This place serves as a hub between missions where you’ll be able to gradually access multiple shops to help you on your quest. For example, you’ll be able to access the General Store to purchase weapons, equipment, or consumables, the Skill Shop to enhance some of your skills or learn Evilties, You can visit more elaborate places like the Quest Shop to take on specific quests, or the Dark Assembly, where you’ll be able to submit Bills that, if approved, will add things like experience boost or the Demon Intelligence system that basically allows you to program how your characters will behave in battles.


As for the battles themselves, you’ll be treated to the classic SRPG formula that the Disgaea series is known for. You’ll be presented with an isometric map where you can select a character and choose an action they will execute in this turn. You can choose to move a certain number of tiles, depending on the character’s movement stat, and then do things like attacking, defending, using a special skill o,r even lifting and throwing items or allies. Once an action has been decided, you can choose to execute it right away or move on to selecting the actions for the rest of your characters to potentially create Team attacks or Combos. A Team Attack will be automatically created when a character attacking has other allies near him in a two-tile range, while a Combo will occur when multiple characters are attacking the same enemy.

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In terms of visuals, you can expect the same incredibly colorful maps and characters you get in a Disgaea game. The game ran incredibly smoothly as I battled my way using the Performance Mode. There’s also some nice voice acting for the majority of the characters when you’re going through story narration that adds some depth to the different characters’ personalities. Disgaea 6 definitely does the series justice by offering us an excellent look and feel, a solid soundtrack, and great voice acting.

It’s been a while since I played a Disgaea game, with the last one being Disgaea 1 Complete, so I was glad to jump in on this one, especially given that all DLC from the Nintendo Switch version is available right from the start. I was able to grab things like some extra characters to start with and a huge amount of money that made it easy to start with the strongest equipment available. I liked how the story was narrated, with the main narrative being Zed trying not to get executed for lying about killing the God of Destruction, while you see him meet a new character each time he dies and does his Super Reincarnation to come back to life in a new world.

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Speaking of which, this system allows you to return Zed to level 1 while being able to upgrade some stats for some eventual bigger boosts as you level up. Although the concept is not new to the series, it’s an integral part of the story as a chapter generally ends with the God of Destruction striking a killing blow to you. Also, for people who don’t have all the time in the world, I found the Auto-Battle system, mixed with the Demonic Intelligence, to be a huge time saver as you can let the battles play themselves without manual intervention all the time. Of course, I wouldn’t suggest playing all the story using it, but it’s great to have the option to use it from time to time. And if you’re not using auto battles, you’ll find everything that’s been enjoyable in the past in this latest release. There’s so much variety in terms of characters, classes, skills, and things like Geo Effects to make this game incredibly deep and with some great replay value. Of course, the Item World is also back, so you’ll have even more reasons to go into them to boost your items.

As for the trophies, there are a lot of them that will pop naturally as you play the story. The rest will likely not be a challenge but will definitely require some time if you want to reach that platinum trophy, like one that requires you to level up to level 99,999,999. Do a ton of jumping, spend a lot of money at the Dark Assembly, get a game over, destroy 20 objects on the map, create 50 new characters, and deal over 100,000,000,000,000 damage to an enemy.

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After a release on the Nintendo Switch last year, Disgaea 6 Complete delivers the best experience you can get for the game on PlayStation 5. It runs smoothly, has a fun story to see through, and most of all, it has the same great strategy gameplay that this series has been known for. And if you want to check what it’s all about, you can play a Disgaea 6 Complete demo on PlayStation 5.

This Disgaea 6 Complete review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by NIS America.

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Solid entry in the beloved SRPG series