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[PlayStation 4] Freshly Frosted Review

[PlayStation 4] Freshly Frosted Review

Freshly Frosted from The Quantum Astrophysics Guild is a puzzle game revolving around making the best donut factory line. Check our Freshly Frosted review!


Place conveyor belts to solve puzzles in the world’s most adorable donut factory!

In Freshly Frosted from The Quantum Astrophysics Guild, you’ll be taking control of a donut factory as you link the donut source to the counters. This game is a very cute and fun puzzle that will ask you to find out creative outputs and has a difficulty that always stays very accessible. There’s also a narrator that will take you through the whole journey as you work your way through twelve boxes of donuts that represent the game’s stages.

The point of the game is to link the donuts factory ovens to the customer’s counter by passing each donut through the required frosting station in a specific order. For example, a donut requires frosting to make it possible for sprinkles to stick to them. Since this is a puzzle game, it begins easy enough, and it gets harder as you progress from the first level to the last one. Freshly Frosted is separated into 12 boxes, and each one contains 12 levels, meaning that this game has 144 different levels. I also loved how each box had a different theme as the game introduced new donut types to keep things fresh.

Freshly Frosted PlayStation 4 Review

Each time I completed a level, I found it oddly satisfying to see the completed factory line(s) in action. As you advance, the required lines will become increasingly more complex, and I enjoyed the mind-bending tricks you’ll have to figure out when you have more than one line to manage, and each one requires a different donut type.

The presentation of this game is flawless. The game is beautiful to look at, and the art style is cute and appropriate. The background soundtrack was also nice to listen to, and the main menu shows a lot of creativity, and it was fun to experiment with it. This is a very chill experience! I also have a shout-out for how well narrated this game is. The voice actress has a great and enthusiastic voice, and it’s easy to see that she had fun recording her lines.

Freshly Frosted PlayStation Review

On the trophies side, this game features a surprising 65 trophies, 64 of which are Bronze trophies, with a single Gold trophy to unlock to get a new Platinum trophy. Nearly all of the trophies are awarded for progressing through the chapters in the game until you reach the last puzzle to solve. The few ones for miscellaneous goals ask that you do things such as viewing a hint or skipping a puzzle. All in all, the Platinum trophy can be achieved without help, but if you want to optimize your time, I recommend you to follow this Freshly Frosted Trophy Guide.


Freshly Frosted PS4 Review

I really loved playing through Freshly Frosted. The gameplay difficulty is fair, the graphics are cute, the background soundtrack is great, and most importantly, the voice acting is amazing. This is a puzzle game that is easy to recommend for its fun and charming factor. Freshly Frosted is out at a $9.99 price.

This Freshly Frosted review is based on a PlayStation copy provided by The Quantum Astrophysics Guild.

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Charming and fun puzzle game with a cute art style