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[PlayStation 4] Bricky to Me Review

[PlayStation 4] Bricky To Me Review
  • On July 27, 2022

Bricky to Me from QUByte and IdunaSoft is a 2D platformer on PlayStation in which each level is dynamically modified. Learn more in our Bricky to Me review!


Bricky to Me from QUByte and IdunaSoft is a 2D platformer on PlayStation in which each level is dynamically modified. As you move left and right through each stage, the different elements on the sides will move around and leave the screen. You’ll also be able to make changes to each stage by activating switches to move some elements around so that you can clear the level. Oh, and levels will be randomly arranged, so if you fail, you’ll be presented with a set of rooms to complete. With over 60 randomly arranged rooms, there’s a lot to do in this budget release. Survive and battle against the boss, or you’ll have to do it all over again from the start!

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The game’s controls are simple and to the point. You’ll move Bricky with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, going up and down ladders and jumping with the X button as needed. You have a weapon you can use with the Square button to defeat enemies and collect food. Food can be traded for coins, which can then be used to purchase items. You can get a blue potion to turn yourself smaller by pressing the Triangle button or buy a healing potion to recover a life. Press the Circle button to interact with switches, and the level’s layout will change, moving around some blocks or ladders. Collect the key, and then make your way to the exit to clear the level.


You can also gift one of your lives to the cat so that it can show you some secret passages that can lead you to blue coins or use its mighty teleportation powers in some stages. Blue coins are needed to purchase the special key that opens the room for the boss. Since you only have three lives, can use one of them to gain the favor of the cat to help you find blue coins, and will die in a single hit if you touch any of the very sharp spikes in the game, obtaining enough blue coins to purchase the key to the boss fight is not as easy as it sounds.

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You have a limit for obtaining the blue coins to progress to the next section of the game, so if you don’t get enough the first time, you’ll have to grab the key to the restart door to give it another go. Depending on the order in which you get some levels, you might not have a blue potion on you to shrink to grab some blue coins, or you might not have given a life to the cat to use the teleport power. You’ll get to keep your regular coins, blue coins, and blue potion – if you bought one. And at least there’s a trophy tied to it!


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Speaking of trophies, Brick it to Me has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy for you to add to your collection. It’s a short list with 11 Gold trophies and a single Silver trophy to work on. The objectives require that you complete the tutorial, trade food for coins three times, defeat two enemies with one attack, pet the cat five times, win the game for the first time, do it again for a second time, and then do it again a third time, so that you can then finish the game proper.

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Bricky to Me is a fun 2D platformer with a good challenge to take on. There are 60 levels to complete, and the set of levels you’ll take on for each segment of the game will change with every death and every run you start. Sure, after a bit, you’ll end up running into the same rooms, but this is a budget title on PlayStation 4 available for a low $3.99, with a Platinum trophy to work on.

This Bricky to Me review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by QUByte.

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Fun and challenging 2D platformer