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[Nintendo Switch] Farm Manager 2022 Review

[Nintendo Switch] Farm Manager 2022 Review
  • On August 30, 2022

Farm Manager 2022 from Ultimate Games is the latest entry in the farming sim series and the first one to make its way to Nintendo Switch. Check our Farm Manager 2022 review!


Farm Manager 2022 from Ultimate Games is the latest entry in the farming sim series and the first one to make its way to Nintendo Switch. You’ll be juggling many activities and responsibilities in this one as you try to have a profitable farm while also making sure that those under your employment are happy and don’t feel overworked. Angry or sad employees are not good for any business, especially for a farm! Make the most of your tools and equipment – and keep it in great shape – to succeed in this farming simulator experience on Nintendo’s console.

Farm Manager 2022 offers you three different gameplay modes to enjoy. There’s Campaign Mode, which is your story-based experience in which you’ll get started with not much to your name as you aim to climb to the top and show everyone your skills. You could also jump into Scenario Mode, which will throw different challenges and missions at you to complete. And if you want to do things at your own pace, then you can dive into Free Mode, where you can do whatever you want without the pressure of making ends meet.

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Given its nature, you most certainly need to check out the tutorial segment so that you can learn all of the basics. You’ll use the left analog stick to move the camera around the screen as you navigate with the D-Pad, as well as with the L and R buttons. The right analog stick can be used to rotate the camera. You can zoom in and out as needed with the ZR and ZL buttons, respectively. The A button will allow you to make selections, which you can cancel with the B button. And to speed things up, you have access to a radial menu with the X button. You can press in on the left analog stick to speed up time – or stop it completely. Got it?


While trying to do everything on your own might be in your mind, your farm won’t grow at a steady pace – and survive! – if you don’t hire enough staff for your team to help you run the farm. Each potential team member will have different skills, areas of expertise, and experience to consider. This will be reflected on their monthly wage, which you can work on adjusting depending on the number of hours someone will be working each month. You’ll need a good variety of skills to get the job done.

It might be a good idea to hire someone with a lot of endurance since farm work takes a lot of effort. Someone who has a green thumb so that your plants can thrive is certainly a must. You’re going to need someone who can take care of your animals. Oh, and don’t forget that you’ll have machines to operate as well as keep in as good a shape as possible! Hiring someone with experience in manufacturing is also a good idea. Do remember that on top of hiring staff, you’ll also have to assign them some tasks.

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You can also have a wide variety of animals to take care of as you grow your business. You can, of course, take care of chickens, goats, and cows, but there are also some other projects to work on during your time with Farm Manager 2022. You can also have bees at your farm, as well as set up a fish farm, tend to ostrich, have quails under your watch, or go all-in on the wild boar segment. Will you focus on some of them? Or will you diversify and have a little bit of everything on your land?


You won’t be able to produce every single item at your farm…. at first! You’ll need to buy some grass and silage to feed your livestock. You’ll also need to buy some insecticide to keep insects from ruining your products. Sure, growing your own grass is certainly going to be cheaper in the long run, but you first need to tend to a field where you can sow your own. Prepare the field by selecting its size, then pick the crop that you’ll be working on, and plant the right type of seed, so be sure to buy enough for the job!

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All buildings need to be connected to the roads so that your staff can reach them, as well as so that the different resources that you purchase can be delivered. Some parking spots will also be needed for the equipment that your staff will use. Your buildings will also require to be connected to the power grid, or else they won’t be able to function properly, so make sure to expand the reach of the power grid as needed.


There are tons of items for you to buy at the machine market. You could get a plow to, well, plow the field, an orchard planter to plant certain types of trees on previously loosened fields, a mower to cut grass that can then be harvested thanks to a self-loading trailer, or a round press to collect lying loosely straw or hay that can then be pressed and wrapped with string. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg since there is also a cultivator to loosen and crush the soil after plowing, a reaper for cereals, a field sprayer to spray the ground in order to protect crops or a self-propelled forage harvester for cutting certain crops to make chaff.

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Farm Manager 2022 is a chill farming sim experience on Nintendo Switch. Thanks to the three different game modes on offer, you can find the right way to take on everything that Farm Manager 2022 has to offer. You’ll see your farm grow into a huge enterprise that produces a variety of products, which will, in turn, require you to build a larger warehouse, set up a milk processing plant, and create a logistics building to help with speeding up the transportation of your products. One complaint I do have is that, at times, the text can feel a bit too small for its own good. You do get used to it in the long run, but being able to scale the UI and text as needed would have definitely helped. Farm Manager 2022 is available on Nintendo Switch with a $15.99 asking price.

This Farm Manager 2022 review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Ultimate Games.

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