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[Nintendo Switch] Bright Paw: Definitive Edition Review

[Nintendo Switch] Bright Paw: Definitive Edition Review
  • On August 31, 2022

Are you ready to return to Bright Paw from Rogue Games and Radical Forge on Nintendo Switch, thanks to its huge content update? Then check out our Bright Paw: Definitive Edition review!


Are you ready to return to Bright Paw from Rogue Games and Radical Forge on Nintendo Switch, thanks to its huge content update? Bright Paw was originally released for Nintendo’s console back on October 2020. It’s now 2022, and the game has gotten a considerable bump in content, which is why it’s now being billed as Bright Paw: Definitive Edition on Nintendo Switch. What this means is that we’re getting 101 extra levels of endgame content, expanded accessibility options for subtitle size, color, background color, and subtitle background opacity, colorblind options for protanopia, deuteranopia, and tritanopia, as well as options for the cursor size, color, and outline color. Oh, and the game’s look has also been revamped with some graphical tweaks here and there!

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Bright Paw presents to us the tragic tale of Theo, a brave cat that goes after the murderer of his owners, Nathaniel and Lauren. Aided by the full voice acted Narrator, Theo will explore the mysterious Bright Paw Industries to find out the one responsible for his owners’ demise. You’ll find a ton of collectibles along the way that will help to paint a bigger picture, providing additional story elements and context to the world that surrounds him. Before starting each level, you’ll be told how many collectibles there are to find, as well as how many cards you’re about to be dealt – not which type of cards, just how many cards in total.


Yes, the game is a card-based puzzle experience, which means that you’ll be selecting from the available cards on your deck to help Theo move around each stage in specific patterns, as well as use the handy abilities that will unlock for him as you progress through each of the acts for Bright Paw: Definitive Edition. Your journey will begin with a short dream sequence in which the Narrator will help you get the hang of things as you learn some of the basics that you’ll be applying through the dozens of levels that the game has to offer.

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Once you’re ready to go, you’ll use the right analog stick to move the camera around, zooming in on the puzzle action as needed. The left analog stick or the D-Pad can be used to select from the card options at your disposal so that you can place them and move to the right spot, bringing you one step closer to finding the solution. If you feel that you’ve made a mistake, you can press the Y button to rewind a turn. And if you really screwed up, you can reset the level by pressing and holding down the X button. There’s also the option of using the console’s touchscreen when playing in Portable or Tabletop Mode or if playing on a Nintendo Switch Lite.


During the first handful of levels, you’ll only have to worry about using cards to move Theo based on the specific patterns on display for each card. You’ll soon start to run into new card types that will change how you approach subsequent puzzles. The first one you’ll find is a wait card, which will make Theo remain in place as a bit of time passes around him. This can be useful to, say, avoid lasers that activate and deactivate at set intervals. After this one, you’ll notice that some cards will switch between two potential options. And then, Theo will get a card that allows him to blink from point A to point B! What other cards are thrown into the mix? You’ll have to try this one to find out!

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As you play through the game, you can unlock new skins – up to 27 in total – by completing each act, as well as by finding collectibles. But wait… there’s more! The aforementioned 27 skins? Those are from the original release for Bright Paw. Since this is Bright Paw: Definitive Edition, that means there are an additional 74 skins for Theo for you to unlock! There are also 22 skins already unlocked for you to try on – including some with Theo or Daz riding on a go-kart… ¿And since some skins need to be bought with tokens, if you’re the type of gamer who likes to 100% a game, you’re going to spend some quality time with this game! Can you find the more than 180 collectibles in the game?

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I enjoyed my time with Bright Paw. The card-based gameplay mechanics make it an easy game to get the hang of as soon as the tutorial level is over. Having Bright Paw: Definitive Edition on Nintendo Switch means that we now get the base game as well additional levels as endgame content, as well as a graphical overhaul to spruce things up here and there. Games with a Narrator that pushes the story forward are not going to be for everyone, but when a game implements this just right, it does help the overall experience. In Bright Paw’s case, the Narrator is used to tell Teo’s story, as well as comedic relief, thanks to the remarks he makes when you’re busy thinking about your next move, and all he wants is for you to find the solution already. It’s certainly not comparable to, say, the stellar job of the Narrator in The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe, but it does help to elevate this card-based puzzle experience. Bright Paw: Definitive Edition is out on Nintendo Switch with a

This Bright Paw: Definitive Edition review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Rogue Games.

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