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[Nintendo Switch] Lair Land Story Review

[Nintendo Switch] Lair Land Story Review
  • On September 13, 2022

Raising simulator Lair Land Story from Circle Entertainment and PQube is ready for you on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Lair Land Story review!


Raising simulator Lair Land Story from Circle Entertainment and PQube is ready for you on Nintendo Switch. You’ll be taking on the role of Herol, who finds a mysterious magical girl named Chilia after she saves his war-torn city from complete destruction. Unfortunately, this great effort has left Chilia with no memory or recollection of her previous life… or the powers she had! Herol must now help to raise Chilia over the course of four years, helping to plan her day-to-day life as she grows back into the mighty hero she used to be.

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There are also some dating sim elements thrown into the mix since while raising Chilia, you’ll also be working on finding the woman of your dreams. You never know when love will strike. Sure, you’d think that you’ll eventually fall in love with a close friend with whom you share some common interests or hobbies, someone you can really get along with. But what if someone you see as an enemy is actually the one for you? Keep your eyes open and pay attention to how the story develops based on your choices! The game features voice acting in Japanese with English subtitles, so you’ll get to hear what many of the characters you meet have to say about Chilia and your role in her life.


As is to be expected for a raising sim, there are many stats for you to keep in mind as you plan what Chilia needs to do during her day-to-day. The activities she takes part in will have an effect on her Humanity, Wisdom, Morality, Charm, Sense, Passion, Blessings, Patience, Luck, Popularity, Affection, Exhaustion, and Tension. Humanity is related to Chilia’s understanding and empathy towards other people while also improving her understanding of culture. Wisdom is tied to Chilia’s analytical abilities, as well as her overall knowledge. Morality dictates her understanding of good and evil. Charm expresses how attractive Chilia is to others. Sense is related to how Chilia presents herself.

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Passion will be tied to Chilia’s satisfaction with her current lifestyle, reflected in her eagerness to make friends. Blessings are directly related to her faith and feeling toward the Goddess. Patience is Chilia’s ability to withstand pressure and stress. Luck, as expected, will dictate how lucky Chilia is. Popularity is self-explanatory. Affection will let you know what the affection level is between Chilia and Heron. Exhaustion is for how physically and mentally drained Chilia is feeling. As for Tension, it establishes Chilia’s current mental energy.


You should also keep an eye on some other stats as you play through Lair Land Story. Chilia’s actions, as well as the actions and choices made for Herol, will have an effect on the status and repair level for Lair Land. You can repair and improve the castle walls, the plaza, the castle itself, the streets, the item shop, the bar, the beauty salon, the sewing shop, the bathhouse, as well as the church – an important one if you want to help the Goddess and those that worship her.

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What types of activities can you plan for Chilia? For each turn, you add up to three activities to the schedule, and each activity will take up to five days to be completed. Activities are first split into four categories: Study, Work, Rebuild, and Other. Within the Study section, you can have her improve her experience in subjects such as art, philosophy, combat, faith, manners, and insight. In the Work section, you can decide for Chilia to work as a church deacon, store promoter, cleaner, apprentice beautician, or apprentice seamstress. The Rebuild section is for working on repairs around the city to help with the efforts to give a new life to that which the war destroyed. As for the Other menu? Well, it gives you access to the very important rest option, which can help Chilia recover from exhaustion and relieve Tension. You might also want to consider bathing to lower exhaustion or maybe travel for a bit.


You can also use MP for prayers that can provide Chilia with a boost. Spend 70 MP, and you can boost Chilia’s interest in art, thus raising her concentration when studying it. Spend 70 MP to boost her manners, and Chilia will have a greater interest in the subject so that it can be improved at a faster pace. Maybe you’d like to spend 30 MP for focused rest, which will make it possible for exhaustion to build up a bit slower during the day. Spend 30 MP on perfect concentration, and you’ll be more focused during work!

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But all work and no play is not how you want to live your life… or Chilia’s! Because of this, you need to take a break every now and then as you explore Lair Land, get to know its people as you visit the plaza, or unwind for a bit at the bar. You might want to pay a visit to the salon to help Chilia change her looks. It’s during your off days that you can be helped by Chilia to find a potential companion for Herol. You can also help the city recover its former glory since there’s still a lot of damage left behind by the war.


As you progress through the game’s story, you’ll unlock special CG images, music tracks, as well as the different endings you can reach. How much content is there to unlock? There are 48 general CG images, 17 travel CG images, 47 character-related CG images, and 40 CG images for endings. On top of that, there are 39 music tracks to experience. As for the endings, there are 39 endings you can reach, so there’s certainly a lot of replay value in Lair Land Story!

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If you’re a fan or raising simulators, then Lair Land Story will certainly scratch that itch. Chilia is a very likable character, and there are plenty of things to do during your time with this game, as you help raise Chilia, rebuild the city, and even find a significant other for Herol. There’s a lot of reply value in this one, with many endings to reach, a variety of story paths to take Chilia through, and several romantic interests for the main character. Lair Land Story is out on Nintendo Switch with a $14.99 asking price.

This Lair Land Story review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by PQube.

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