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[PlayStation 5] Hell Pie Review

[PlayStation 5] Hell Pie Review
  • On September 14, 2022

Hell Pie from Headup Games and Sluggerfly is a 3D platformer with some crude humor in which you need to cook a pie for a very important individual. Learn more in our Hell Pie review!


Hell Pie from Headup Games and Sluggerfly is a 3D platformer with some crude humor in which you need to cook a pie for a very important individual. You’ll be playing as Nate, Demon of Bad Taste, who gets an urgent call from management. Satan himself is calling! It seems he dialed the wrong number because his phonebook is not properly updated, and he really wanted to call the chef. Since he’s the boss, he tells you to drop everything you’re doing so that you can focus on a very special task: go and talk to the chef and tell him to hurry up with the pie. You better do as you’re told, or else he’s going to melt your face!

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Why is this pie so important that you have to stop everything you’re doing to remind the chef about it? Because it’s the devil’s birthday! Chef completely forgot about this, and since only the most disgusting, foul, and poisonous fillings will allow him to make a pie worthy of the devil, you’re going to have to help him out and collect them before it’s too late! Your first ingredient to collect will be some basic pie crust mix, which you can find at the supermarket.


Oh, and you’ll also need a cherub. A fresh one. Don’t you dare come back with a dead and rotten one! This is how you’ll end up with Nugget, the chubby cherub that you get at the supermarket as your companion and eventual ingredient for the titular pie. Be sure to keep him healthy and alive by feeding him Candy Meat, which he seems to love! You’ll be provided with one can of Candy Meat for free when you collect Nugget, but you will need to grab more as you explore each area. More on this in a bit.

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You will be running around with the left analog stick as you control the camera with the right one. You can jump and double jump with the X button, attack with the Square button, dash with the Circle button – while on the ground or up in the air – and interact with objects or characters with the Triangle button. Nate can wall climb for a bit with its claws when holding down the X button after jumping. There’s also the option of having Nate perform a ground slam by pressing down on the D-Pad or having Nugget unleash a cupid fart by pressing right on the D-Pad – both of which you’ll first need to unlock. You can select from the available horns by pressing the L1 button and can use said horn’s skill with the R1 button. To aim your weapon, just press the L2 button so that you can line things up just right.


What horns can you unlock for Nate to use? There will be a pair of horns that will allow him to sprint at a fast pace, ram horns to dash into damaged walls to break them, horns that will allow Nate to light up dark locations, wing horns that will allow you to glide for a bit to reach new areas or horns that will make it possible to grab onto special rails as Nate travels at a very fast speed. To gain access to these horns, you’ll need to collect and sacrifice enough Unilambs for each of the corresponding ceremonies. On top of that, you’ll have to complete a challenge room to prove that you’re worthy of receiving the horns.

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Remember the aforementioned Candy Meat? It’s a very important item since it will allow you to spend it on upgrading Nugget and Nate as you unlock new abilities. That first can you got when you collected Nugget at the supermarket? It will allow you to unlock an ability to use Nugget as an air-hook with the R2 button so that you can get to otherwise out-of-reach platforms. The second ability to unlock will be a swing boost so that you can get a speed boost when swinging. After that one, you’ll be able to add an extra swing, make it possible for Nate to wall climb for longer, increase your character’s overall health, or add additional swings for some of the trickier platforming segments.


The game includes a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy. You’ll have to work on unlocking 19 Bronze trophies, 9 Silver trophies, and 5 Gold trophies. Several of the trophies will pop as you progress through the game as you meet chef, get Nugget as your new companion, collect the special ingredients for the Hell Pie, defeat each boss, and complete each of the challenge levels for each pair of new horns you can get for Nate. Then you’ll have to get all outfits – some of which must be bought and some of which are found – as well as collect all lucky cats and cans of Candy Meat, and grab 1,000, 5,000, and 10,000 crystals. After that, all you’ll need to do is complete a handful of miscellaneous objectives, and you’ll have a new Platinum in your collection. And since this is a Cross-Buy title, you can get two Platinum trophies by playing the PS4 and PS5 versions on your PS5 console since each game has a separate trophy list.

If you go into the settings menu, you’ll be able to change the game’s language, as well as activate some color blindness options and select the severity for it. Along with the default setting, there’s an option to toggle for green weakness, red weakness, and blue weakness. You can also enable or disable having points of interest, disable or enable having the nugget speech bubble, as well as activating a special streamer mode for Hell Pie.

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Hell Pie is a fun 3D collect-a-thon that pays homage to the classics as you work on collecting the ingredients needed to make the titular pie for Satan. It’s Rated M for Mature due to its crude humor and graphic nature, so it’s certainly not for everyone. Do know that the camera will sometimes have a mind of its own, so you’ll have to manually readjust it as needed. Hell Pie is out as a Cross-Buy title with a $24.99 price, giving you access to both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5 versions of the game, and each one will have its own trophy list for you to work on.

This Hell Pie review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Headup Games.

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Solid 3D collect-a-thon with crude humor