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[Nintendo Switch] Lemon Cake Review

[Nintendo Switch] Lemon Cake Review
  • On September 30, 2022

Lemon Cake from Soedesco and Cozy Bee Games tasks you with restoring an abandoned bakery to its former glory. Learn more in our Lemon Cake review!


Lemon Cake from Soedesco and Cozy Bee Games tasks you with restoring an abandoned bakery to its former glory. You’ll get to meet the ghost of the former owner, Miss Bonbon, who used to run the bakery. Unfortunately, the greenhouse is now in ruins, the kitchen is a mess, and the story is completely empty. Since she has no arms – and, you know, she’s a ghost – there’s no way for her to knead the dough and make bread. Are you ready to learn from Miss Bonbon as an apprentice baker?

But before all that, the first step in your journey with Lemon Cake will be to create your character. You’ll be able to select its name, as well as skin tone, eye color, eyelashes, hairstyle, hair color, top outfit, bottom outfit, and socks. Once that’s out of the way, it will be time for the tutorial! How will you control your character? You can move with the left analog stick, sprinting by pressing and holding down the R button. To interact with objects or characters, all you need to do is press the A button.

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Your first task will be to make a French baguette. You’ll have to follow the recipe by pressing the Y button – later using the B and X buttons when more recipes are available – and then grab the ingredients and take care of things. Once you’ve mixed the ingredients, you’ll take the dough and place it in the oven. Since the oven is turned off, you’ll need some firewood to get the flame going. Once the fire is on, you’ll need to pay attention to the oven so that you can grab your pastry as soon as it’s ready. Show your creation to Miss Bonbon, and see what she has to say!

As you can probably guess by now, you’ll need to manage what your clients order and what you make in the bakery so that you can keep everyone happy. You’ll have to be as fast as possible, or else your customers will be upset! The good news is that the first French baguette you bake will be right in your tray when you talk to your first customer… and she just happens to want one! Once she’s done and leaves, you’ll have to clean up the table so that another customer can come in and place an order.


Baking a French baguette is easy, but you’ll soon have to juggle more than one recipe as new clients pour into the bakery and request that you serve them a sweet roll, or maybe they’ll want a delicious marshmallow to sweeten up their day. And by correctly completing orders as fast as possible, you’ll gain enough experience to add new recipes to your book! As you continue to complete orders and gain more experience, your character will level up, thus opening the way to some extra variety.

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Once your day is over, you’ll be able to review your daily report. It’s there that you’ll see how many pastries you baked, how many ended up burned, the total number of customers served, how many perfect, good, burned, or missed orders you had, and the total daily profit you had. You’ll also be able to review your menu to review the average price of your pastries, the average bake time, if you have any vegan options, if any gluten-free options are on your menu, and what’s currently new.


There’s also the option of revising your recipe book by checking the available recipes for each category: bread, cookie, donut, cake, pie, candy, or frozen. Since when you start, you’ll only have three slots for your daily menu, you’ll have to decide what you will be featuring on each day. Once you manage to open up more slots for your menu, it will be easier to have a more diverse menu, but that also means you will end up juggling many different recipes, which could end up being pretty hectic!

With the funds you have, you can also decide to invest in the bakery to upgrade the different things around the store, kitchen, greenhouse, and bedroom. The first thing you can unlock is a display counter so that you can display a pastry in your store window to feature it for potential customers. This one is very important because if a customer doesn’t have enough time to sit down and place an order, it will just collect its favorite pastry from the available display counter(s) and pay for it.

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What else can you buy with your hard-earned money? You could add new hats and aprons to change your outfit, add an extra display counter, add cozy furniture for cats that will visit your store, add some extra seats and a large table to be able to sit more customers, add a coffee machine so that seated customers can be a bit more patient, improve your firewood to keep the oven burning for longer, increase your character’s speed, enchant your brook to automatically clean up spills around the kitchen, grow a lemon tree to harvest lemons for new recipes, some rugs for the bedroom to make things extra cozy, or decorate the room with paintings.


And while you’ll start by baking French bread, you’ll soon have access to a wider variety of recipes, which means you’ll need the finest ingredients for them! You’ll be able to restore the greenhouse by spending some of your money to plant a cocoa tree, a cherry tree, a nice strawberry plant, and more. To harvest these delicious ingredients for your recipes, you’ll have to take care of your plants, so be sure to water them so that they remain healthy! I suggest you water them during the preparation period right before you open up the bakery. Speaking of which, you should also use this time to prepare some extra pastries for your window display so that you can serve some extra customers while taking care of everything else.

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Lemon Cake is a colorful, chill experience on Nintendo Switch in which you’ll work on helping ghost Miss Bonbon to bring her bakery back to its former glory, one happy customer at a time. There are many recipes to unlock as you level up, improving your skills while using your hard-earned money to add new elements, improve others, put the greenhouse to good use, and gain access to the ingredients that will make this the best bakery ever. And who knows, you might even be able to finally bake that lemon cake that Miss Bonbon is so fond of! Lemon Cake is out today on Nintendo Switch with a $29.99 asking price.

This Lemon Cake review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Soedesco.

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