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[PlayStation 5] Silenced: The House Review

[PlayStation 5] Silenced: The House Review
  • On October 28, 2022

Silenced: The House from Sometimes You and Graven Visual Novels is a horror experience to check out on PS5. Learn more in our Silenced: The House review!

Silenced: The House from Sometimes You and Graven Visual Novels is a horror experience to check out on PS5. You’ll be exploring an old house where something is certainly going on. Voices float around each room, and weird creatures go bump in the night. A group of students wants to celebrate a birthday and decide that this haunted house is a good place for it. Can you survive the night and perform an ancient ritual to get rid of the vengeful spirits?


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There’s no voice acting in this one, so you’ll be pressing the X button to read each dialogue. If you want to activate the autoread mode, you need to pause the game and select that option from the pause menu. The same goes for the skip function, so if you’re a trophy hunter and want to speed things up and skip all dialogue, you’ll have to pause the game and then select the skip function from the pause menu. Do know that using this skip feature is currently a bit glitchy since it can end up skipping the section where you can get one of the trophies! Hopefully, this is something that Sometimes You can patch soon for trophy hunters.


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And speaking of trophies, while this is not a Cross-Buy release – as is usually the case for games from Sometimes You, there’s a separate purchase for the PlayStation 4 version of a game – the good news for trophy hunters is that it does feature a Platinum trophy! The list includes 11 Gold trophies, and they will be tied with getting each of the different endings that the game has to offer, including the true ending. If you want to speed things up, you can check out this Silenced: The House Trophy Guide!

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For this visual novel, there’s also a Gallery section where you can take another look at the images that you can unlock by playing through the game and reaching all of the endings. These are split into the 26 different backgrounds used in the game and the 57 CG that you will see as you progress through the game’s story and reach the different good and bad endings that the game has to offer. Due to there being bad endings, you should save early and save often by using the save slots at your disposal so that you can see all bad endings while also being able to go back, load a save, and correct your course.

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Silenced: The House is a horror visual novel on PlayStation 5 that feels a bit all over the place. Its story is cliché, the art style feels weird, and the game is a bit on the short side. It’s the first game from Graven Visual Novels, and it shows. Silenced: The House is out on PlayStation 5 with a $4.99 asking price.

This Silenced: The House review is based on PlayStation 5 copy provided by Sometimes You.

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Horror visual novel that feels lacking