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[Nintendo Switch] Endless Memories Review

[Nintendo Switch] Endless Memories Review
  • On November 21, 2022

Endless Memories from Clickteam and Homunculus Games is a 2D Metroidvania in which you must join Rem on a journey through the Laboratory of Dreams. Learn more in our Endless Memories review!


Endless Memories from Clickteam and Homunculus Games is a 2D Metroidvania in which you must join Rem on a journey through the Laboratory of Dreams. You’ll have to explore the land of dreams, an interconnected world where all minds are connected. Your memories are not what they used to be, so you’ll have to learn what you used to know, regain your powers, and reconnect with those that were part of your life before. As you find new skills, you’ll be able to open up more and more paths that can help you reach new areas. Take, for example, the Glyph of Electricity, which will allow Rem to interact with electrical spheres to travel as electricity from one to the other.

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Homunculus Games took the project to Kickstarter back in 2019, seeking $12,000 in funding for the development of Endless Memories. Once the crowdfunding campaign was over, and thanks to the support of 264 backers, the project managed to secure a little over $14,000. While the game was originally planned for a Nintendo Switch release in 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic hit strong, so here we are in 2022, ready to take Endless Memories for a spin on Nintendo’s console.


Once you’re ready to go, you’ll control Rem with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, jumping – and double jumping – with the A button and dashing with the B button. Dashing is very important since you’re invincible during a dash. The X button will be for attacks, while the Y button is mapped for casting. You’ll use up mana every time you cast something, so you won’t be able to spam the Y button over and over again. To check your map, all you’ll need to do is press the – button.

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You’ll also have access to projectiles to attack from a safer distance, which you can use with the ZR button. Do know that you will get limited ammo for long-range weapons, so you’ll have to, say, grab the arrows you’ve launched so that you can use them again. The L button will be for using a potion to heal your wounds. Actions are set to the R button. And if you want to parry an incoming attack, you’ll need to time things just right with the ZL button. When you parry an attack, your opponent will be dizzy for a bit, giving you a chance to strike hard.


The gold you collect during your journey can be spent at the shopkeeper to purchase new short-range and long-range weapons, as well as new items for casting more powerful spells that can deal considerable damage to your opponents. Since there are many weapons to find during your time with Endless Memories, you have the option of hitting a weapon sphere to break it so that you can collect some extra gold that can be put to good use. The extra gold you can get will be based on the weapon’s rarity.

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And as you defeat enemies, you will gain experience points for your efforts. Gain enough to fill up the experience bar above your health bar, and Rem will level up! This will provide Rem with a stat boost, thus making it easier to survive during subsequent battles. This makes a huge difference early on since your starting weapon is not that powerful. As a heads-up, you can find a more powerful weapon in the first cave you find by exploring the upper area of the cave by double jumping and grabbing onto a ledge above.


You might also get lucky and find some Memory Runes. Memory Runes can be equipped to gain new passive abilities and new modifiers. You could, for example, pick up the One-Handed Mastery Memory Rune. What this one does is increase the damage that you deal when using one-handed weapons, such as axes, maces, or swords. These Memory Runes, combined with the stat boosts gained from leveling up, are crucial for boss fights since you’ll need all of the help you can get.

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Endless Memories is a 2D Metroidvania in which you’ll have to dive into the world of dreams by way of the Laboratory of Dreams to try and recover your lost memories and help those in the world of dreams as you collect new short-range and long-range weapons, spells to cast, Memory Runes to enhance your abilities, and defeat every enemy on your path as you level up and boost main character Rem. A short journey this is not, and while it does not set out to reinvent the wheel, it does offer an entertaining game that does not overstay its welcome. Endless Memories is out on Nintendo Switch at a $19.99 price.

This Endless Memories review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Clickteam.

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