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[PlayStation 5] Save Room Review

[PlayStation 5] Save Room Review
  • On November 23, 2022

Save Room from Ratalaika Games and Fractal Projects is an inventory management puzzle game inspired by Resident Evil 4. Check our Save Room review!


Save Room from Ratalaika Games and Fractal Projects is an inventory management puzzle game inspired by Resident Evil 4. That much is clear as soon as you see the trailer and screens for this Save Room review! As the name suggests, for this one, you’ll be making the most of the short breather when you enter the save room of a survival horror video game that is never identified per se. Your task is to use that time to complete the 40 different puzzles as you manage the limited available storage space for weapons and items.


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You’ll do this by using the left analog stick or the D-Pad to move between the carrying case on the left side of the screen and the storage box on the right side. You can then press the X button to select a weapon or item and then move it to your carrying case to try and fit it within the available inventory space. To help with this, you can press the R1 button to rotate each weapon and item as needed and then press the X button again to drop said weapon or item.

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For later levels in Save room, you’ll also need to, say, reload weapons with ammo, or maybe combine some herbs to improve their properties while also reducing their footprint. To do this, press the Triangle button when highlighting an item and then select between the Examine or Combine commands. Weapons need to be fully loaded, and you need to heal your wounds before stepping away from the save room. Once you’ve completed a level and are done interacting with the weapons and items, you can press the Options button to move on to the next stage.


Since this one is from Ratalaika Games, you can expect it to have a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy. And since the game is a Cross-Buy title, that means your purchase will get you the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game, and each one will have its own trophy list. The list includes 14 Bronze trophies, 4 Silver trophies, and 8 Gold trophies. If you need some extra help, you can check out this Save Room Trophy Guide.


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Save Room is an inventory management puzzle game that is heavily inspired by the inventory management of the beloved Resident Evil 4 – a game that has been on every console since the Wii and is even getting a full remake! Save Room has 40 levels for you to complete as you heal your wounds, reload your weapons, and try to make everything fit in the allocated storage space for each stage. It’s a game that should take you an hour and change to complete. Save Room is out now with a budget price of only $4.99, and since it’s a Cross-Buy title, your purchase will give you access to both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5 versions of the game at no extra cost.

This Save Room review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

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