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[Nintendo Switch] Pid Review

[Nintendo Switch] Pid Review
  • On December 15, 2022

Pid from RedDeerGames and Might and Delight is a charming puzzle platformer on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Pid review!


Pid from RedDeerGames and Might and Delight is a charming puzzle platformer on Nintendo Switch. You’ll be joining Kurt, a boy who seems to be lost in space. Can you find a way to help him find a way back home? Kurt fell asleep while riding the bus, and he woke up in a place that he did not recall. The game was originally released in 2012 on PlayStation 3 by way of the PlayStation Network, and it’s now getting a new chance on Nintendo’s console.

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You can play this one on your own or in local co-op. There are also two difficulty settings to choose from: normal and hard. You’ll control Kurt with the left analog stick or the D-Pad as he runs through each area. He can jump with the A button. Kurt can also throw a gem with the ZR button, which will create a beam that he can ride. A beam will last for 9 seconds, and up to two beams can be activated at the same time. You can use the ZL button to cancel a beam and can quickly cancel both beams by pressing the ZL button twice. The items that Kurt finds can be used by mapping them to the L and R buttons. To check his backpack, just press the Y button. He can also interact with items or other by pressing the X button.


Anything red is bad for you. This includes lasers, missiles, rolling robots, the always classic pointy spikes, falling chandeliers, or large robots with a cone of sight that will instantly defeat Kurt if spotted. Blue creatures are also bad for you. And speaking of the color blue, you should know that the beam won’t work on blue blocks! At least the beam can be used to affect red enemies. Some enemies will have a funnel on them, which is your cue to launch a gem toward said funnel so that you can damage and destroy them. These are twice as important when, say, taking on a boss like the giant robotic butler you find as your first proper boss battle.

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You can collect stars as you progress through each area of Pid. Along with regular stars, you can also find secret constellation stars, which are worth twice as much. Stars are important because Kurt can use them at special dispensers to trade them for items. You could, for example, spend 65 stats to grab a life vest. This is a very important item for Kurt since it will protect him from one hit. Since Kurt would usually die from a single hit, a life vest can make a huge difference! And since you can find or purchase replacement life vests along the way, you can always find a way to protect Kurt.


What other items can you find? There are bombs that can be used to defeat enemies or to destroy certain walls, a music box that can mesmerize enemies and stop projectiles so that you can get a few seconds to take a deep breath or a timed bomb that will take a few seconds to explode, which means you can manipulate it for a bit with the beams from your gems. There’s also a burst beam that provides Kurt with a powerful but short booster that can hurl him at a great speed to reach higher spots that are out of reach with the beam from the gems you throw. If you search at peculiar spots, you might be able to find items with a + sign on them. What they will do is increase how many of said items you can carry, which can certainly make your life easier… if you can reach them!

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There are also special souvenirs hidden here and there that you can search for in order to 100% the game. You can check these in your backpack to get a better look at what it is that you’ve collected. There are 12 different souvenirs to find, including a bus ticket dated 52 years ago, as well as a dinner menu, a children’s book, a crayon box, a whistle, and even a meteor! Since you can’t backtrack, that means that these special souvenirs are missable, so be sure to look everywhere!


Pid is a charming puzzle platformer that is getting a new chance on Nintendo Switch. While most of the puzzles won’t be much of an issue, the second half of the game does feature some trickier platforming segments, as well as bosses that are a bit too challenging for their own good, which might keep some of you from eventually reaching the end of Kurt’s journey. Pid is out on Nintendo Switch with a $7.99 asking price.

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This Pid review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by RedDeerGames.

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