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[Nintendo Switch] Toree 3D Review

[Nintendo Switch] Toree 3D Review
  • On January 13, 2023

Toree 3D from Siactro and Diplodocus Games is a fast-paced retro-styled 3D platformer on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Toree 3D review!


Toree 3D from Siactro and Diplodocus Games is a fast-paced retro-styled 3D platformer on Nintendo Switch. The levels to complete are Glamour City, Sea Mama´s Harbor, Slidey Ice, Neo Osaka, Starry Sky, Windy Ocean, Hungry Mountain Peak, and Edge Runner. There are also some remixed levels that you can access by pressing the – button. These levels are Ducktown Throwdown, Fraught Freeze, Wild Wild Winds, and Mama Goes to Town.


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You’ll control Toree with the left analog stick as you move the camera around with the right analog stick. He can jump and double jump with the A or B buttons. The camera can be reset with the ZL button. If you press and hold down the Y button, Toree can run at a faster pace… and that’s it! You won’t be able to attack enemies, so you’ll have to avoid those on the ground or that flying around.


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If you want to 100% the Toree 3D, then for each level, you can work on collecting all of the stars – for which you can review the total on the upper left corner of the screen. The overall time that you’ve used to play a level will be shown in the upper right corner of the screen. Each stage will have a checkpoint from which you can quickly respawn when you die. You’ll be graded based on your performance, so you can replay levels to get a better grade. You can play as the titular bird and can eventually unlock two more characters. One you will get for collecting all stars in all stages. The other one you’ll unlock by getting an A grade on all levels.

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Toree 3D is a fast-paced retro-styled 3D platformer that offers a bite-sized experience. You’ll be playing this one for an hour or so before you see the credits roll, and you can then go back and do it all over again to collect any stars that you’re missing or to get a better grade on each level as you speed up your run. And once you unlock the extra characters, you can take them for a spin and see what they add. From the options menu, you can configure the music volume and the camera sensitivity for the right analog stick, invert the X and Y axis, as well as select to play the game with its new soundtrack. Toree 3D is out on Nintendo Switch at a low price of only $0.99, so it’s an easy one to recommend.

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This Toree 3D review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Diplodocus Games.

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Fast-paced retro-styled 3D platformer