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[Nintendo Switch] Regina and Mac World Review

[Nintendo Switch] Regina and Mac World Review
  • On January 23, 2023

Sequel Regina and Mac World changes things around from 3D platforming to the 2D plane. Learn more in our Regina and Mac World review!


Sequel Regina and Mac World changes things around from 3D platforming to the 2D plane. In this one from Diplodocus Games, Regina and Mac have settled down at Kiwiland after their escape from The Lab. One day they meet a new friend named Macbat – who you might remember from 3D retro-infused platformer Macbat 64. One day while enjoying a nice cup of tea, Macbat told them that he keeps having dreams about a floating island in need of a hero. Kiwiland already has a hero in Kiwi – from Super Kiwi 64 – but this island in his dreams is something different.

Regina and Mac World Review - 1

Regina and Mac decide to help Macbat in his quest to become a hero for the floating island that pops up in his dreams. It’s thanks to an assist from U64 that they learn there are nine floating islands near Kiwiland, so it must be one of those islands that they need to visit. The additional data needed to get to those islands is stored in golden floppy discs – 111 golden floppies scattered around 100 levels – and this is where your new adventure begins!


Once you get started, you’ll notice how the game pays an indie homage to classic 16-bit 2D platformers, particularly to the big one from the era: Super Mario World. You’ll control Regina and Mac with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, jumping with the A or B buttons. In classic 2D platforming fashion, you can jump on top of enemies to defeat them. Regina and Mac can also wall jump. Press the ZR button to slide. If you press and hold down the Y button, you’ll be able to run, which will make it possible to complete each level at a faster pace as you make longer jumps and search high and low for all golden floppies and the special medals in each level.

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You will get one medal for collecting all of the rupees in a level and defeating most enemies to gain enough points. The second one you will obtain for completing a level as fast as possible. Getting one will probably make it harder to get the other one in the same run- although it’s not impossible. And since there are 100 levels to play through, that means there are 200 medals in total to find if you want to 100% the game!


Collect the special bubble found inside of the blocks with an up arrow on them, and the pair will be protected from one enemy hit. There is also another pair of power-ups to consider. One is a tophat that will make it possible to perform a pogo jump by pressing the ZR button, which allows the pair to jump on spikes without being harmed, as well as destroy blocks below them. The other one is a strawberry that will give your characters the ability to dash in all eight directions while up in the air by pressing the ZL button. This dash ability is restored when you break bricks, wall jump, or land.

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Some levels will have yellow and blue blocks with an L or an R on them, respectively. These can be used to progress further and further in a level by removing the ones that get in the way or by activating those that can serve as a platform for you to stand on to catch a break. You’ll also sometimes get to control Macbat in special autoscrolling levels to change things up a bit. For these autoscrolling levels, you’ll control Macbat by pressing and holding down the B button to make him flap his wings to stay airborne, and you can also press and hold down the Y button to speed up his flight.

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Regina and Mac are back on Nintendo Switch. After their last 3D adventure, this time around, we’re getting a 2D platformer with 100 levels to complete. The game is more challenging than expected, and the level design is a bit off, with levels that rely on you collecting and keeping a power-up to be able to complete it. Other levels combine this with having to collect keys to open locked doors, which is twice as annoying. Regina and Mac World is out now on Nintendo Switch with a $3.99 asking price.

This Regina and Mac World review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Diplodocus Games.

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2D platformer that misses its mark