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[Nintendo Switch] Onion Assault Review

[Nintendo Switch] Onion Assault Review

Indie dev Bertil Hörberg is back with a very fun and colorful experience on Nintendo Switch. Check out our Onion Assault review!


Hello everybody! You are absolutely going to love Onion Assault. It’s a bright and vibrant action platformer on Nintendo Switch from indie dev Bertil Hörberg. The game reminds me of the Super Mario Bros. games, particularly Super Mario Bros. 2. I found quite a few references to the Super Mario Bros. games while playing this one. The developer obviously got his inspiration from the iconic franchise. Are you a fan of good old-fashioned retro-style platformers? Then this game is clearly for you.

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Onion Assault is a retro-style platformer with a lick of 3D paint. The game has 16 levels on a world map that is split into four areas. It’s a top-down map with dots marking each level, which took me back to Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The look is very Super Mario Bros.-inspired. You’ll move your character on a 2D plane as it jumps and grabs enemies and plucks onions from the ground to attack its opponents. Beat a level, and you’ll be taken back to the world map to take on the next level or to replay a level if you didn’t 100% it.


Whichever character you choose – with the options being Mamma Lök or Pelle Lök – your task will be to bring peace to Onionia, which is under attack from the Croquetto Army. They will make the most of their onion-plucking skills as they run through each level by way of the analog stick or the D-Pad. There are four bosses to beat along the way, with a boss battle happening at the end of each area.

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Each world presents you with new platforming challenges. Since the game pays homage to old-school platformers, along with having a health bar, you’ll also have a set number of lives. Because of this, you should try to collect as many of the gold coins you find along the way as possible. For every 50 coins you grab, you’ll be rewarded with an extra life. Who knows, you might even find some extra coins when you try to pluck an onion! Speaking of which, there’s also a chance to grab yourself a power-up that will grant you some extra temporary hearts, which will go a long way to helping you through the pesky annoying platforming sections.


Like you would typically see in any platformer, there are also some collectibles to grab. Along with the regular gold coins, each of the 16 levels on offer also includes three special large coins for you to grab. Some are out in the open easy for you to see, and will only require a small detour for you to grab them. Others are a little more tricky, and using the environment to your advantage will help you collect those hard-to-reach coins. Pay attention to the movement pattern of enemies near some of the trickier coins to see if they can help you reach them!

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Onion Assault is a very fun platformer that pays homage to the Super Mario Bros. games, so if you are a fan of them, then you’re going to dig this bite-sized experience. You get 16 levels of fun, which should take you two hours max – give or take some minutes – to complete, all depending on your platforming skills. Onion Assault is out today on Nintendo Switch with a $7.99 price tag.

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This Onion Assault review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Bertil Hörberg.

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An outstanding retro-style 2D platformer