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[Nintendo Switch] Trek To Yomi Review

[Nintendo Switch] Trek To Yomi Review

Cinematic experience Trek to Yomi from Devolver Digital, Leonard Menchiari, and Flying Wild Hog has made its way to Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Trek to Yomi review!


The start of the year has been a good one for Nintendo Switch. Today we have a review for Trek to Yomi from publisher Devolver Digital, Leonard Menchiari, and the excellent Flying Wild Hog, the team that has also given us the Shadow Warrior series. I am actually currently playing Shadow Warrior 3, so I was definitely up for checking out if Trek to Yomi managed to stick its landing on Nintendo Switch. I will not be making any comparisons as it isn’t fair since the specs for the Switch and next-gen are certainly different. RAM is certainly different, and Nintendo’s console can’t compete there, so I’ll be discussing the game’s merits and what it does on the Nintendo Switch.

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The story is set in Feudal Japan and goes for a classic samurai story look and feel, hence the monochromatic presentation and slight grainy look. It certainly helps to immerse us into the specific time period and helps to tie the story to the setting to the tight gameplay mechanics. You take on the role of Hiroki, who goes on a trek across Japan to avenge the death of his mentor, who was murdered by ruthless bandits. There’s some extra compression here and there to get the game running on the console, but the game does look great on the TV, as well as when playing in Portable or Tabletop Mode.


The game offers three difficulty settings: Kabuki, Bushido, and Ronin. As you’ve probably guessed, Kabuki is the easiest setting to play Trek to Yomi, while Ronin will prove to be the hardest. If you are an aficionado at swordplay, then the Ronin difficulty may be for you, but you’ll have to make every slash count, or else! If you want to just simply enjoy the game and its story, then Kabuki is certainly the way to go.

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As you make your way across Japan, the story will start to go in a bit of a darker direction, at times occasionally tugging at your heartstrings. In combat, you will meet various enemies of varying degrees of strength, including some tough bosses that you’ll have to combat with some good trial and error. Combos are a must, but parrying will also be an important tool if you want to stay alive. Practice is a must since performing combos will be easier over time as you get used to the combat system and find the right window of opportunity.


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Trek To Yomi is not a very long game, so you can expect to spend around 5-6 hours playing from start to finish. It offers an interesting story, and once the combat system clicks with you, you’ll be in for a treat. Do know that the subtitles are tiny, which is not ideal for a game that also places a focus on the story side of things. While there’s an accessibility menu, I would have liked to see an option for changing the size of the font. Speaking of which, given the game’s presentation, it’s a shame there aren’t more accessibility options to aid visually impaired gamers in enjoying this one in full. Trek to Yomi is out on Nintendo Switch at a $19.99 price, and it’s definitely one you should check out.

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This Trek to Yomi review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Devolver Digital.

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Can you avenge your mentor?