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Check The PS4 Process Of Elimination Demo!

Check The PS4 Process Of Elimination Demo!
  • On March 13, 2023

NIS America got in touch to announce a PlayStation 4 and Switch demo for Process of Elimination is ready for you to download. Come check it out!


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The Quartering Duke, an infamous serial killer with over a hundred victims, has thrown the country into chaos with his heinous acts. To bring an end to his killing spree, the “Detectives Alliance,” composed of the country’s top detectives, has gathered to uncover and subdue him.

However, in a series of unforeseen events, an aspiring yet unremarkable detective named Wato Hojo stumbles into their operations. He joins the Detectives Alliance on the mysterious island of Morgue to investigate the Quartering Duke, only to discover gruesomely that their target lurks among them! Can these detectives prove their innocence and unveil the identity of the Quartering Duke before the case runs cold?


Process of Elimination Features:

The Sign of the Fourteen: Team up with 14 different detectives, each with their own unique skills, tools, and personalities. Explore key locations around the island of Morgue and engage in choice-based dialogue to obtain useful evidence for each case.

A Study in Shadow: Carry out investigations on an interactive map of the crime scene. Use your “Denouement” ability to absorb critical information, predict the future, and gather clues while piecing together the truth of each murder.

The Island of Fear: As the secret headquarters of the Detectives Alliance, the island of Morgue is host to a number of mystifying and dangerous areas. Explore a variety of vivid locales including a labyrinth, a research facility, and the Alliance’s manor for clues about the Quartering Duke.


You can check out the demo on PlayStation 4 by clicking right here. And if you want to check out the demo on Nintendo Switch, that one can be found at this one.

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