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[Nintendo Switch] Remorse: The List Review

[Nintendo Switch] Remorse: The List Review
  • On March 22, 2023

Remorse: The List from Feardemic and DeppreSick Team is a first-person Rated M for Mature horror experience on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Remorse: The List review!


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Remorse: The List from Feardemic and DeppreSick Team is a first-person Rated M for Mature horror experience on Nintendo Switch. Indie devs DeppreSick Team is a group known for working on some Half-Life 1 mods suck as Mistake, as well as the horror mod Grey for sequel Half-life 2. With Remorse: The List, the team has moved from working on modding to developing a standalone project with the power of Unreal Engine 4.

The game was originally released on Steam last year, and it’s now made its way to Nintendo’s console. You’ll be exploring the town of Hidegpuszta with no clue as to what it is that you need to do… other than a mysterious list. You’ll take on a survival horror experience in which resources are limited, the lighting is all over the place, and the scares – and danger – are right around every corner. Sure, there are puzzles to solve in this one, but there are also action sequences during which you’ll need to be on high alert to survive.


Since this one is played from a first-person perspective, you can probably guess how the controls are going to work. You’ll move your character with the left analog stick as you use the right one to control the camera and aim your attacks. Press and hold down the L button so that you can run, which is very useful when you need to get away from a clingy enemy. You can jump with the B button and can crouch by pressing the A button. Once you get your first weapon – a pocket knife – you’ll be able to take a quick slash with the ZL button. This will work fine until you manage to find a huge hammer. Just remember that once you grab that hammer, you’ll have to equip it to your primary inventory slot!

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The game is pretty dark, so you’ll get to collect a flashlight early during your time with Remorse: The List. As expected, the thing runs on batteries, so you’ll have to keep an eye on the upper right corner of the screen to see how much you can actually use it. The flashlight can also be used to make some writing appear since, you know, said messages are written in blood. You know, the usual. Just press in on the right analog stick to turn on the flashlight, and press it once again to turn it off.


Oh, and don’t forget to grab the large map right after that so that you can get a general idea of what you’ve just gotten yourself into. You’ll be able to check the map by pressing in on the left analog stick. By doing this, you’ll be shown the map for the whole area so that you can see what spots are marked with barriers that you won’t be able to cross. This is very convenient because it will keep you from wasting your time wandering into dead ends.

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You’ll have to collect items by pressing the Y button to solve the game’s puzzles. All items are added to your inventory, which you can open up with the + button. Once in there, you’ll get a chance to use an item with the A button, combine one item with another one by pressing the Y button, or check your notes with the – button. What will you need to do? Well, there might be a contraption missing a fuse, so you’ll have to grab one, walk up to the aforementioned contraption, open up your inventory, and then use the fuse to put it where it belongs.


At first, the game doles out the horror in small doses. You walk down a weird-looking corridor so that you can then drop down a hole in the floor – a floor that has, for some reason, tilted upwards. After walking a bit more, you run into some chairs that are rotating at high speed for no reason. Then the next room flips things, and the rotating chairs are on the ceiling. And it’s then that you’ll notice all the scribblings on the wall. Add a bunch of black wires strewn around the entire room, and you got yourself a pretty weird setup.

What could possibly top this? Maybe a room with a wobbly floor, walls, and ceiling that have almost a flesh feel to them. Yeah, that’s definitely going to hit the spot. But maybe you’d like a jump scare or two to get the blood flowing, just right? Excellent! If you call right now, we’ll also add a bleeding brain, as well as what seems to be a dismembered and chopped-up… mannequin?

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If you’re looking for a horror experience on Nintendo Switch, then Rated M for Mature first-person game Remorse: The List is an option for you. It doesn’t set out to reinvent the wheel, so it pays homage to the genre with a more action-packed journey, giving us a good-looking experience on Nintendo’s console. Do know the game will drain your console’s battery at a steady pace when playing in Portable or Tabletop Mode. Remorse: The List is out on Nintendo Switch at a $19.99 price.

This Remorse: The List review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Feardemic.

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Good-looking first-person horror experience