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[Nintendo Switch] Saga Of Sins

[Nintendo Switch] Saga Of Sins
  • On March 29, 2023

Saga of Sins from Just for Games and Bonus Level Entertainment is a 2D action adventure game that feels like a world made of stained glass that has come to life. Learn more in our Saga of Sins review!


Saga of Sins from Just for Games and Bonus Level Entertainment is a 2D action-adventure game that feels like a world made of stained glass that has come to life. It’s been inspired by the work of Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch, and it presents to us a land that has been corrupted by sin. You’ll be taking on the role of a cleric named Cecil. After returning to Sinwell, he realizes that a lot has changed since his departure. Cecil has access to a very peculiar power: he can enter other people’s minds!

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By doing this, Cecil will be able to transform into monsters with different abilities to consider as you take on the seven deadly sins. Their abilities can be upgraded by way of gold – more on this in a bit – and you’ll have to make the most of what each of the four monsters has to offer so that you can succeed in your quest. On top of that, you can also take on ten puzzle and skill-level test stages that you can visit by entering the minds of innocent people along the way.


Master Ulric will let you know more about what is currently going on in Sinwell. As expected, the sinner levels will have you fighting against Gluttony, Sloth, Envy, Greed, Pride, Lust, and Wrath. By diving into the minds of the sinners, you’ll be able to defeat and vanquish each of the seven deadly sins so that you can finally free Sinwell from the plague that has struck the land. Sinner levels are more action-focused and will test your fighting abilities as you take on smaller demons that will stand in your way, trying to keep you from reaching the boss at the end.

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You’ll control Cecil with the left analog stick or the D-Pad. When not transformed, Cecil can run by pressing the Y, X, or A buttons while exploring Sinwell. Once you’re ready to dive into action, you’ll jump and double jump with the B button. You can power dash by pressing the ZL or ZR buttons. This will allow you to deal considerable damage to enemies while also defeating enemies in a combo to get additional coins. But before you can use the power dash, you’ll have to fill up the energy gauge by defeating enemies or by collecting a charge item.


When you have access to more than one creature, you’ll be able to switch between the available creatures by using the L and R buttons. At first, you’ll only be able to transform into the Werewolf. This nocturnal creature is a demon of the moon, which means it hides its true form during the day. It can perform a triple shot attack to damage enemies from a safer distance. The Werewolf has also learned to create sound at a frequency that can shatter cracked glass. And it’s also the Werewolf who will allow you to double jump and power dash. You’ll get to try all of its abilities during the first level of the game, which serves a bit as a tutorial.

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Once you have completed said tutorial stage, you’ll unlock access to the Saga of Sins Skill Tree. It’s there that you’ll get to spend all of the coins that you’ve collected from the enemies you’ve destroyed and the treasure chests you’ve opened. Upgrade the creatures, and you’ll have a better chance of surviving through each level and boss fight, as well as finding all of the hidden treasure chests in the game. Maybe you’d like to increase the Werewolf’s attacks by adding a fourth projectile. Or perhaps you’d like to focus on adding an extra heart container so that you can withstand more damage before you’re defeated. Once you gain access to the Gargoyle, you’ll have the option of boosting its powerful fire breath, which is a short-range attack. You can also add extra power dashes, which will prove to be very useful.


Saga of Sins brings us a 2D action adventure on Nintendo Switch with an interesting look. The game feels as if it was a stained glass world brought to life. It’s an easy-to-pick-up experience with 2D elements that pay homage to the classics. Being able to switch between the different creatures on the fly to use their abilities as needed – the Gargoyle’s fire breath to burn some obstacles or the Griffin’s ability to climb up some surfaces. Saga of Sins is out on Nintendo Switch at a $19.99 price.

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This Saga of Sins review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Just for Games.

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