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[Nintendo Switch] Mr. Sun’s Hatbox Review

[Nintendo Switch] Mr. Sun’s Hatbox Review
  • On April 28, 2023

Mr. Sun’s Hatbox from Raw Fury and indie Kenny Sun offers a slapstick roguelike platforming experience on Nintendo Switch. Find out more in our Mr. Sun’s Hatbox review!


Mr. Sun’s Hatbox from Raw Fury and indie Kenny Sun offers a slapstick roguelike platforming experience on Nintendo Switch. Indie Kenny Sun previously gave us trippy minimalist platformer Circa Infinity Ultimate Edition on Nintendo’s console, making this a very different type of experience. Mr. Moon and his troublemakers have stolen the titular Mr. Sun’s hatbox delivery, so you’ll have to put together a team to do whatever it takes to steal it back. You’ll start with a small group but can work on putting together a more dedicated team of reformed hat thieves who have the skills needed to get the job done.

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The game can be played either on your own or in local co-op. As you progress further and further into this journey, you’ll get access to a variety of hats – which was sorta expected given the game’s name. Every hat will provide different effects on your character, boosting not only its style but also its stats and skills. Combine this with the many pros and cons for each character that can join your cause, and you have a good variety of individuals that are ready to rumble.


You’ll get to learn all of the basics during the starting tutorial. You’ll control your character with the left analog stick or the D-Pad as you aim with the right one. You can attack with the ZR button, be that with a melee weapon or a long-range boomstick thingy. Pick something up by pressing the X button. You can throw something with the R button if needed. While you can use your weapons to take care of things, a big chunk of your time with Mr. Sun’s Hatbox will be spent doing things in a stealthier way. That is until you find something useful to get rid of enemies. What if you find a hat with a snake that can bite your opponents?

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At first, your arsenal is limited, but you can make the most of your time in each area by capturing new stuff while out on the field. How will you do this? With the mighty power of balloons! You’ll have a limited number of them when going into a mission, so you’ll have to make every single one count. Find the right item or enemy to balloon away, and you’ll be on the right track. Once you’re back at your base, you can take a look at the former hat thieves you’ve trapped so that you can add them to your team.


You’ll get to add new items and new characters to your group even if you don’t manage to complete a mission. Even in failure, you’ll be making some progress. There’s plenty for you to work on as you expand your base of operations so that you can plan the perfect heist to recover Mr. Sun’s hatbox from the evil thieves. You start with a simple objective: building a storage area and a staff room. The storage room is for all of the items you collect during missions. The staff room will allow you to manage your new staff.

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Each day after scanning for missions, you’ll have a choice of three missions to take on. You can check the type of mission you’ll have to complete – raid, neutralize, etc. – and what the rewards will be. You could find weapons or resources, as well as receive some experience points for your efforts. You’ll have to choose which unit to send on a mission and will need to plan for the worst-case scenario because if a unit fails a mission, that unit will be gone permanently.


When deciding which unit to send from your staff, you’ll have to consider their different quirks. A unit with asthma will be hurt over time if breathing in a spot with smoke. Someone with butterfingers won’t be able to hold on to melee weapons. If someone in your group has a weak throw quirk, throwing an object at an enemy will not stun them. The lightweight quirk makes it so that the unit won’t stun an enemy when dropping on top of them. And then you have quirks like tight grip that could be useful since it makes that unit instantly snap an enemy’s neck after picking it up.

To compensate for this, you’ll have to equip a unit with a hat and a weapon to help them survive their mission. Add a hard hat on a character, and it will protect its head from attacks. You can also add a weapon to give them something to defend themselves. A pistol might not seem like much – its description clearly states it’s an average pistol – but you can put its four bullets to good use. And once you run out of ammo, you can always just decide to throw the gun at an opponent!

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Mr. Sun’s Hatbox offers a quirky roguelike platforming experience on Nintendo’s console. As you set up a base of operations to try and steal back the hatbox, you’ll have to work hard on coming up with the perfect plan to make it all work. You’ll have to build more rooms to keep your quest going so that you can, for example, build a med bay to heal your units or a brig where you can convert captured enemies into new staff members. And as your units level up, they will get a boost to their hit points so that they can take an extra hit or two during subsequent missions – you know, as long as they don’t end up failing a mission and die. Mr. Sun’s Hatbox is out on Nintendo Switch at a $14.99 price.

This Mr. Sun’s Hatbox review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Raw Fury.

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