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[Nintendo Switch] Sunrise GP Review

[Nintendo Switch] Sunrise GP Review
  • On April 30, 2023

Sunrise GP from Gamedust and Garage 5 is a colorful and chill racing experience on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our Sunrise GP review!


Sunrise GP from Gamedust and Garage 5 is a colorful and chill racing experience on Nintendo Switch. The game features 21 cars inspired by European classics, 20 tracks, and a solid soundtrack to enjoy on your own or in up to four-player splitscreen, just like we used to race back in the day. Your journey will take you through tracks on locations with huge caves, lakes, beaches, and more.

For this cell-shaded retro-inspired 3D racer, you’ll get an experience that will remind you of games from the Nintendo 64 era – or that of the original PlayStation console – but with a souped-up look. Your options for playing will be Grand Prix, Challenge, and Quick Race. Gran Prix will have you taking on a series of races around the globe to win some rewards based on your performance.


Challenge offers 20 different challenges to beat so that you can win some CR, which acts as the in-game currency – more on CR in a bit. All you’ll have to do for each challenge is drive a single lap around the track as fast as possible in the selected car, which is where the challenge part kicks in. One of the aforementioned challenges will be a daily one which, as the name suggests, will change around each day that you play.

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The last game mode in Sunrise GP is Quick Race. For this one, you’ll be able to customize the experience just as you want it to. You can choose between a Time Attack race, a race with a set time limit as you try to be the first one to reach the finish line; or a Last Man race, in which the last place for each lap is out, and you must aim at being the last one to survive the whole race. You can also set the number of players, how many AI opponents will join the race and what the AI difficulty will be, as well as if Ghost Mode will be activated. You can also choose which car to race with from those that you’ve unlocked, as well as what track you’ll be racing on.


As mentioned before, each car that you’ll unlock during your time with Sunrise GP has been inspired by European classics. Check each one, and you’ll see what country it’s from, its total power, weight, and max velocity, as well as the distance it has traveled so far, how many races you’ve used it on, and if it’s allowed you to get into the podium. Your journey beings with only 2 of the 21 vehicles unlock, and they’re both from Poland. You’ll be able to use the Bandit, as well as the Arrow Coupe, to get things rolling.

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You’ll steer your vehicle with the left analog stick, accelerating with the ZR button and braking with the ZL button as needed. Pressing the R button will give you a rearview look so that you can keep an eye on your opponents. The camera can be switched around with the Y button so that you can find the right angle from which to take on each race. The X button is for the radio so that you can switch the song you’ll be racing to. If you end up making a mistake and crash, you can press and hold down the L button to reset your car.


The CR that you collect can be spent to customize the look of each of the cars that you’ve managed to unlock so far. Changing the car’s color will be free, but if you want to get a new front bumper, a different back bumper, change the exhaust or the spoiler, or add a different sidebar, wheel arch, air intake, hood, mirror, front light, change the wheels, or add some stickers, that’s going to cost you some CR.

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Sunrise GP offers a colorful racing experience on Nintendo Switch with a cell-shaded look and a retro-inspired feel. It does take a minute before things click due to how the game handles its physics, but once you get the hang of things, you’ll be ready to ride. You can play through the Gran Prix, take on Challenges, or enjoy a Quick Race or two here and there as you work on climbing up the online leaderboards. The game’s soundtrack is also a highlight for this one, with a solid set of songs that will get you ready for action and then some. Sunrise GP is out on Nintendo Switch at a $14.99 asking price.

This Sunrise GP review is based on a Nintendo copy provided by Gamedust.

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