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[PlayStation 5] Mothered Review

[PlayStation 5] Mothered Review
  • On May 1, 2023

Mothered from Dolores Entertainment and Enigma Studio is a first-person horror adventure on PlayStation 5. Learn more in our Mothered review!


Mothered from Dolores Entertainment and Enigma Studio is a first-person horror adventure on PlayStation 5. You’ll be taking on the role of Liana, a young girl who has gone home to her mother after having undergone major surgery. It’s after arriving at your new home that you find a peculiar mannequin… which claims to be your mother. By speaking with the mannequin, you’ll get to discover more about the world around you and what it hides.

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To give you an idea of what to expect, as soon as you press a button to get started, the game lets you know it features themes of abuse, sickness, and death, thus giving you a heads-up about what you’re about to experience so that you’re not caught off guard. Mothered takes place over a seven-day period. As time progresses, you’ll get to see the days change on the upper right corner of the screen. A regular day will be split into a morning, an afternoon, an evening, and a night time.


You’ll then be told to press the R1 button to move the text forward and to accept… and there’s a lot of text in this one! With the game being played from a first-person perspective, that means you’ll be using the left analog stick to move and the right one to look around. You can hold down the L1 button to open the interface. When the interface is active, press the R1 button to interact with objects. You can run by pressing and holding down the X button.

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As you can tell from the trailer and the screens in this Mothered review, the game features a very interesting old-school look, making it feel like an old found footage type of journey from the VHS era… you know, the things we used for watching movies way back in the day before DVDs or Blu-rays were a thing. You know, way, way before you could stream everything to a variety of devices based on the service you’re subscribed to. Aaaanyway….


It’s easy to see how this one is going to end up being a first-person horror experience since even though Liana has just had major surgery, her father parks the car and asks her to walk out of the car and towards the house… while it’s heavily raining outside. And he asks that you bring him back a box that mother left for him. That means that the girl, who is here to recover from major surgery, must run in the rain from the car to the house, pick up the box for father, then run back to the car to deliver the box while risking falling and severely injuring herself. Oh, and for some reason, he can’t hug Liana goodbye. Why? Because that would mean you’d get a good look at his face, and that wouldn’t be good. Nothing wrong with that!

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This PlayStation 4 game has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy for you to work on. The list includes 4 Bronze trophies, a single Silver trophy, and 10 Gold trophies. The first one will pop after you exit the car when father drops you off. The next one will be for bringing father the box that mother left for him at the house. From there, trophies will pop for progressing through the game, as well as for getting the different endings on offer. If you need some extra help, you can check out this Mothered Trophy Guide.

Talking any more about Mothered would ruin your experience. Things might not make a lot of sense as you play through the game, but everything will eventually click after the halfway point. You’re looking at around an hour or so to complete the game, and then you can do it all over again with some new insight on the whole thing. Mothered is out on PlayStation 5 at a $9.99 asking price. There’s also a PlayStation 4 version available as a separate purchase for the same price.

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This Mothered review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Dolores Entertainment.

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Bizarre first-person horror experience on PS5