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[Nintendo Switch] Contraptions 2 Review

[Nintendo Switch] Contraptions 2 Review
  • On May 10, 2023

Contraptions 2 from GS2 Games, Funbox Media, and Moragami is a physics-based puzzle game with a colorful, cartoony presentation. Learn more in our Contraptions 2 review!

Contraptions 2 from GS2 Games, Funbox Media, and Moragami is a physics-based puzzle game with a colorful, cartoony presentation. You’ll be taking on more than 200 puzzles in which you need to make the most of your creative skills as you try to build and fix contraptions that exist to perform simple tasks… in the most complex way possible. Maybe you need to use a trampoline for some reason? Well, do you know what can get that particular job done in style? A camel! Or perhaps you need to move an object from point A to point B. I hear that boxing gloves with a spring-loaded mechanism are a solid option.

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Your goal for each level is simple: remove all monsters from the level by all means necessary. The objects that you place on the screen will form a contraption that must create a chain reaction that gets rid of all monsters in one go. Some objects for the contraption will not be in the right spot, and it’s up to you to find the right combination. At the start of a level, physics won’t affect the objects for the contraption, and time won’t flow until you feel that you have a solution that might work.


As expected, this gameplay loop means that there’s going to be a lot of trial and error in your future since you’ll have to move objects around so that the chain reaction works. The game can be played either with the Nintendo Switch Joy-con physical inputs or with motion controls. By using the left analog stick to move a cursor around the screen and pressing the ZR button to select an object, you can sometimes drag it around to the right spot. There’s going to be more than one way to complete a level, depending on what contraption you need to fix.

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Without spoiling things too much, I’ll discuss the first handful of levels in the game so that you can get an idea of what to expect. The first level has a soccer ball, a spray can, and one monster to remove from the screen. The second level adds a new element: a saw that spins to move a chain that can have an effect on a conveyor belt. You’ll have to interact with that saw to then rotate it so that the conveyor belt moves in the right direction so that the soccer ball falls on top of the spray can to blow the monster away from the platform.


What happens after this? Since you already know about the saw and how it can be tied to a conveyor belt with a chain, you’ll have to interact with the saw, flip it, connect it to a conveyor belt, and then connect that to another one, and then to another one that will be connected to a monster that is inside of a wheel with rockets that will then spin at a fast pace to defeat the monster it houses. The other monsters will be defeated by the comically large anvil that will fall on them once the top conveyor belt starts to move.

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The fourth level bumps up the difficulty by adding monsters trapped inside balloons, laser guns that need to be triggered to make them fire, as well as bombs that, as expected, will go boom. But how are you going to make those laser guns fire away? Maybe you can tie each gun with a rope to one of the buckets at the bottom of the screen so that once that when the buckets fall, they tense up the ropes so that they pull the triggers for the ray guns, which will then make the monsters inside of the balloons explode.


Contraptions 2 offers a physics-based puzzle experience on Nintendo Switch that will test your creative skills in full. As you progress through the game, more and more elements will be introduced, making you think a bit outside of the box to find one of the potential solutions that will allow you to carry on with your journey. With more than 200 levels to work your way through, there’s plenty of content in this one if you’re the type that loves to take on a head-scratching puzzler at home or on the go. Once springboard camels are introduced, things will really start to get crazy. Contraptions 2 is out on Nintendo Switch at a low price of only $6.99.

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This Contraptions 2 review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Funbox Media.

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Quirky physics-based puzzle game with a cartoony presentation