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[Nintendo Switch] Tiny Dragon Story Review

[Nintendo Switch] Tiny Dragon Story Review
  • On May 24, 2023

Tiny Dragon Story from RedDeerGames gives us a 1-bit action platformer on Nintendo Switch. Check our Tiny Dragon Story review!


Tiny Dragon Story from RedDeerGames gives us a charming 1-bit action platformer on Nintendo Switch. And evil wizard stole all of your treasure. You’ll have to go on an adventure and search for it on every level. There will be three treasure pieces for you to collect in each stage. There are also large coins for you to collect. These can be used to unlock some doors at the Tiny Dragon Story overworld that will lead you to special levels. Oh, and the game does not autosave, so you’ll have to press the X button while in the overworld to manually save your progress.

Tiny Dragon Story Review - 1

You’ll control your character with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, jumping and double jumping with the A button and spitting fire with the B button. Pressing down on the left analog stick or the D-Pad will allow you to read any signs with an exclamation point that you run into. If you manage to reach a flagpole, activate it by touching it. This will set a checkpoint for the level so that you can restart from there if you lose all of your health.


Blocks with an exclamation point can be activated by hitting them with your head from below or by using your fire breath to shoot at them. They will sometimes contain coins for you, a heart to heal some of your wounds, or a spring that will allow you to gain some considerable height for your jump. Who knows, some of them might be hiding a treasure for you to grab!

Tiny Dragon Story Review - Boss

Light the torch at the end of a level with your mighty fire breath to clear it so that you can carry on with your adventure. At the end of each world, you’ll find a castle where you’ll battle against a boss. Each one will have different movement and attack patterns for you to learn so that you can find the right time to attack. None of them will feel overwhelming, but if you do fall in battle, you’ll be able to learn from your mistakes and give it another shot.


Tiny Dragon Story is a 1-bit action platformer that pays homage to the classics in the genre. It’s a game that certainly draws inspiration from one game in particular: Super Mario Bros. From having blocks with exclamation points instead of question marks that you can hit to collect coins, being able to use fire to attack enemies, avoiding lava enemies that jump at you, and even a level where you run and jump over a segmented bridge as fish jump from the bottom of the screen. Tiny Dragon Story is out on Nintendo Switch at a $12.99 price.

Tiny Dragon Story Review - 2

This Tiny Dragon Story is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by RedDeerGames.

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Minimalist 1-bit old-school style 2D platformer