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[Nintendo Switch] Speed Crew Review

[Nintendo Switch] Speed Crew Review
  • On June 8, 2023

Speed Crew from Wild Fields is a one to four-player local and online co-op party game experience that places you in the role of an elite pit crew. Find out more in our Speed Crew review!


Speed Crew from Wild Fields is a one to four-player local and online co-op party game experience that places you in the role of an elite pit crew. Once you’ve selected a name for your team, your journey will begin back in 1977. The Furious Family is bored and is ready to make a bet. Dominion Torrento – you can probably tell which character inspired this one – says that you have to win all four championships, and you’ll win the bet. Your mentor will teach you all of the basics during the game’s starting tutorial so that you can quickly get the hang of things and can start to work on cars right away.

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You’ll move your character with the left analog stick as you press the A button to grab a tool. You can drop your current tool with the B button. Pressing the Y button will allow your character to dash, which can be used as needed to save some valuable seconds here and there. Once a vehicle arrives, you’ll need to use the diagnostic computer to scan the vehicle so that you can find what is wrong. Doing this will highlight the issues for you. Say that a tire needs to be changed. Use a hack to lift the car so that you can then use a wrench to unscrew the wheel. Some pieces can be repaired, but when you don’t have much time, you can remove the faulty part, put it in the trash, grab a new one, and replace it.


If you manage to do things fast enough and complete your tasks for a vehicle within the time limit, you’ll get some bonus points. If time runs out, not only will you not earn extra points, but you’ll also be penalized for your lacking skills! Once time is up for that stage, you’ll be able to earn points based on your overall performance and your place on the leaderboard. Do you have what it takes to earn the top spot and win each championship to show the Furious Family who’s the boss?

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There are over 40 levels to play, split over the four different championships. You’ll have to complete each championship in order to unlock the next one, as you take on new car issues to fix with new tools. There are ten main races to take on for each of the championships, with two additional races per championship to unlock. If you manage to obtain enough points in each of the races, you’ll be able to unlock the Silver Sponsor race and the Gold Sponsor race.


Things start off easy enough since you’ll only need to change some tires or use a giant hammer to fix some damage to a car’s body, but you’ll soon run into new things to fix and new ways to fix them. You’ll sometimes have to repair a wheel by lifting the vehicle, using a wrench to remove the wheel, bringing it to the workbench to fix it, and then reinstalling it so that you can press the red button to send the car back into the race.

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Another example would be having to refuel a car that comes rushing into the pits. You’ll need to get a container and fill it up with gas so that you can then rush towards the vehicle to top it up. By then, you’ll have started to notice that after being scanned, some vehicles will have yellow highlighted parts, while others will have a bright red hue. Red is bad since it means it will take you longer to repair that part or to refill its gas. Oh, and be sure to steer clear from the if you want to avoid being run over by a car!


The faster you are at fixing things and the fewer mistakes you make, the higher your score multiplier will increase. Your score multiplier needs to be bumped as high as possible if you want to win each of the dozens of levels you’ll be taking on, especially if you’re the type of gamer who likes to 100% a game. The score you get in each level is only going to matter for that particular level since you’re awarded points for the championship you’re going through based on the spot you got for that one level. Unlocking the Silver Sponsor race means that you have to get first place in 8 races and a second place in another one, while the Gold Sponsor race can be unlocked by getting ten first-place wins for the championship.

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Speed Crew is a fun and fast-paced single-player or local or online co-op multiplayer experience on Nintendo Switch. As you rush to fix each car by changing its tires, fixing any damage to its body, refueling it, and more, you’ll try to boost your score for the level so that you can get a good spot on the leaderboard. Do know that if you want to 100% the game, getting first place in each level can sometimes prove to be a bit tricky once hazards are introduced, like the pool of lava that pops up every now and then, cutting you from reaching half of the level for a few valuable seconds. If you’re on your own, you have no other choice but to wait. Play with other gamers, and you can work together to pass tools over obstacles. The team has mentioned that future updates and DLC will add more levels and game modes – such as an Arcade option, so there’s definitely more to come. Speed Crew is out today on Nintendo Switch with a $19.99 price tag.

This Speed Crew review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Wild Fields.

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